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Lovecraft has come a long way from its first small store that opened in Toronto in 1972. Throughout the years, Lovecraft has always tried to be a place where people can explore their sexuality in a fun and safe way.

Like many of the greatest discoveries, Lovecraft was born out of necessity and entrepreneurship. In 1971, two women found themselves in need of a way to support their families. Neither had formal business training, yet both were determined to start a business. Their original idea of distributing teaching aids for children with developmental disabilities fell through due to funding. However, while researching in England, one of the women discovered the phenomenon of European sex stores. Unlike the often dark, intimidating “head shops” that were scattered around the downtown core of Toronto, these European stores were clean, well lit, and had helpful, knowledgeable staff. Finding the concept intriguing, she returned to Canada and after searching for the right location, the two friends opened Lovecraft on Yorkville Avenue in Toronto. News coverage of this unique store spread fast across the country and a week after they opened, they were sold out to the bare walls.
The original co-founders Anne and Mary have retired and I, a longtime employee, have taken up the challenge of running Canada’s premier adult store.

I am truly honoured to carry on with this very special business that is called Lovecraft. From the moment I began working at Lovecraft, I knew this was the place for me. There were many opportunities to grow and learn at Lovecraft thanks to Anne, Mary and the supportive management. They had me answering the phone on my job interview and I thought, “What a quirky wonderful place!”

Over the years, I’ve been the toy, lingerie and book buyer, warehouse supervisor, and general manager. And now I’m still learning new things as the owner! Learning and growing with Lovecraft is what has inspired me these many years.

The best part of the job is working with our customers. It is a great feeling to connect on such a personal level. Whether it’s helping a bridesmaid gather party favours for a bachelorette party, guiding a decision on a first time toy purchase or perhaps more serious concerns like helping cancer survivors select the appropriate product that will aid in their sexual health and well-being; it is a privilege to help and perhaps make a small difference in someone’s day.

My hope for the future is to continue to help Lovecraft thrive and grow. I’ll keep bringing in new products and listening to your questions. I hope to have some special events like invitation only open houses and workshops. If you have ideas, my staff and I want to hear them. Together we all can continue the legacy of Lovecraft.

Pamela Cameron

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