Adding Adventure into your Sex Life

Sometimes you run out of ideas. Sometimes you like it a little spicier. Sometimes you want to add more adventure into your sex life. Sometimes you just want to shake it up. Sometimes you want to try something new or different, so why not now?

It’s not so difficult, you just have to trust each other, talk to each other and open yourself up to new possibilities. Even with a long time partner we can feel self conscious about sex, expressing our desires. But if you take that leap of faith the rewards are many. First if you feel like your idea is way out of left field do discuss before trying. Consent is very important in every circumstance. Discuss your ideas, expectations, also ask for theirs…they might surprise you.

Examine Every Inch

How often do you really pay attention to your partner’s body. Ask them to be perfectly still or tie them up (with their permission), really examine their body. Touch, feel every inch. Tell them what you love about their body. Many of us have body image issues, so it is truly important for us to feel desired just as we are.

Read Erotic Fiction

Need inspiration, try erotic fiction. You could read to one another. Or, you could read ahead and try out a scenario. Reading aloud is very arousing and can be quite inspiring for both of you. Ask them questions, does this feel good? Erotic short stories are great because you can try a variety of different styles to see what you like. They may also mention an activity you’ve never tried before and it might intrigue you. For instance, if you’ve never try butt play, go for it, start out slowing and keep asking those questions.


Think about your fantasies, can you make one of them happen? There are classics like power plays…you’re the cop and your partner can be creative to get out of their parking ticket. You could be porn stars full of sexual confidence and bravado. Maybe one of you is a stripper and the other must watch. There are a ton of possibilities that only require a little imagination and effort.


Role-playing might not be for everyone but it might be worth a try. Role-playing allows you to escape for just a little while your every day life. You can be someone else. It can provide opportunities for intimacy. Role-playing also pushes you out of your comfort zone and this can be a good thing. It is good for our mental health to challenge ourselves in new situations. If you are in a monogamous relationship, this can be a way for you to feel like you are experiencing something new with someone that you trust.

Why not go on an adventure today? If you are interested in more information or have more questions you can always Ask Pam. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for instructional videos.


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