As If We Need An Excuse: May is Masturbation Month

May became known as Masturbation Month as  originally it began as a way to protect and celebrate the right to masturbate. The first National Masturbation Day was observed May 7, 1995, after  retailer Good Vibrations in California declared the day in honor of  Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired in 1994 by President Clinton for suggesting masturbation be part of the sex education curriculum for students. She famously said: As per your specific question in regard to masturbation, I think that is something that is a part of human sexuality and it’s a part of something that perhaps should be taught. But we’ve not even taught our children the very basics. Meaning that please teach children and teens that exploring one’s own body is healthy and a necessary part of growing up. She was trying to “normalize”and help us understand that being curious about sex & sexuality was actually safer than preaching abstinence as a form of sex education.

Masturbation Myths

Masturbation will NOT cause:

  • blindness
  • hairy palms
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) later in life
  • penis shrinkage
  • penis curvature
  • low sperm count
  • mental illness
  • physical weakness
  • relationship breakdowns

Masturbation Truths

OK, so now that we’ve settled that…most men and women continue to masturbate either alone or together when they are in a relationship or married, and many find it an enjoyable part of their relationship. Our customers tell us that masturbation is a “normal”part of their relationship with their partners, either alone and often they participate together. It can be an excellent way to understand your body, your likes and dislikes. It can also help you to understand your sex partner’s likes and dislikes. And watching each other can also just be straight on sexy.

People masturbation for a variety of reasons: to relieve stress ( & don’t we have an extra amount right now? ), because it feels damn good, helps you feel sleepy, & it might bring you closer to your partner. There’s really not a right way or wrong way to masturbate. Remember to be curious, be open to exploring something new, do a little research for new ideas and if you feel comfortable, you can talk about it with a partner.

Masturbate How?

OK, so you’re going to make an effort and really explore this masturbation thing…we do have the time right now, so…

Set the mood for yourself, set up your favourite playlist, make sure you don’t have any distractions, light a few candles, turn down the lights. Keep lubricant on hand. Fantasize, use your imagination to help get you in the mood. Remember this is your fantasy, so let your mind take you anywhere that you are curious to explore. Take your time and explore different erogenous zones.  Use those sensitive finger tips before you break out your favourite sex toys. And then bring out the sex toys! Or consider reading some erotica or stream a little porn. It’s all good, most importantly remember there is no right or wrong. Everybody does it, you just have to figure out what is best for you.

Quick Sex Toy Picks

Tenga U.S.Vacuum Cup

The Tenga U.S. Vacuum Cup is the next size up from the Original Vacuum Cup.  This one-time-use stroker sleeve features a unique textured interior made from body-safe elastomer. This handy, portable device is a customer favourite. Place your finger over the hole at the top in order to experience suction during play. Tenga is Japan’s #1 male sex toy company.

Fuze Major

The slightly concave base fits comfortably with the natural contours of your body and is impressively stable in a harness. When used as a suction cup, the strength of the hold will blow you away. Whilst they were testing the hold we stuck two toys to their stainless steel workbench and tried to pull them off. The toys held in place, but the workbench was lifted clean off the ground! Perhaps the most awesome feature of the collection is that you can “Choose Your Own Double-Ender”. As every Fuze suction cup base is exactly the same size and shape, they are all compatible with each other. When two suction cups are stuck together they are held incredibly securely so the two toys form a single double–ender. With their “Choose Your Own Double –Ender” you need no longer be limited in your choices, but can design your own, truly unique toy. There are no limits except your imagination.

Major’s impressive girth makes all the difference. Major is fully realistic and uncircumcised. Whether you prefer harness play, suction cup toys or “Choose Your Own Double-Ender” Major is sure to embrace every possibility.
Get ready for a breathtaking experience.

Satisfyer Layons Purple Pleasure

The Satisfyer Layons Purple Pleasure 15-function Rechargeable Silicone Stimulator has a lightweight flat egg shape that is just 1.875 inches wide, 3.74 inches tall and 1.125 inches thick at the top so it will easily fit in the palm of your hand. This vibe has a has rows of lines on the back to add more sensation while it focuses all of its vibrations on your C-Spot. The Layons Purple Pleasure Stimulator has pretty violet metallic accents to compliment the beautiful purple color with a silky smooth surface that rounded to make it an absolutely perfect vibe for treating your sweet spots such as the clitoris, nipples, the head of the penis, ears, toes, anything goes with this little dynamo with 15 different functions of rumbly vibration. You can hold it in your hand, have a partner hold it in theirs, or, like the name suggests, lay on it.

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