Beginners Guide

Whether you’d like to give something new a try, tell a friend or lover about the awesome things you’ve been introduced to, or take things up a notch, we’ve got some options for you.

First off, the ultimate standard: a vibrator. This is a go-to  self-pleasing option, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong. We can think of no better option than something from Doc Johnson – they’re a California-based toy company that makes great quality products mostly in the US.

For starters, you can try out the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket – made of sleek, body-safe plastic, this slim and super-simple classic vibrator only uses a single click-button control. One speed, one AA battery. Simple, right?

If you want to get into the game of non-vibrating pleasure, a dildo is the way to go – they’re hassle free and comfortable, and can be a great way to pleasure your G-spot. We recommend something by Tantus – all their dildos are made with the finest silicone, for a smooth and comfortable experience.

The Tantus Silk is another super-simple option, great for beginners – a manageable size, the silkiest silicone and a reasonable price. It’s a great option for a beginner dildo.

For any guys or couples looking for an even better time – try a vibrating penis ring. It’s a ring that sits at the base of the penis with a tiny vibrating bullet on it.

Screaming O makes some super-affordable and comfortable rings that can be used a few times and disposed of – they’re made to be unobtrusive, so you can just slip it on and enjoy.

Also essential, for beginners and the most experienced, is lubricant. It just makes everything so much easier! It can also help as we age and may produce less natural lubrication. As many famous women have said, “ain’t nothing stopping us from having a good time.”

Liquid Silk is a great, thicker water-based lube with a touch of silicone, so it lasts longer than other water-based lubricants but doesn’t get sticky.

Plus, it comes in two sizes! Try the 50 ml size, and go for the 250 ml if you like it.

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