Best Beginner Sex Toys for Women

There is so much choice in the world of sex toys; where do you begin? There is also a new sex toy being introduced every week, so do you choose what’s best for you? Generally we’d say keep it simple to start. This allows you to explore and discover what you like best. We also think don’t spend too much, but be suspicious if your sex toy is offered at a price too good to be true because it probably is. Look at the website you’re purchasing from…what’s their history, what are their policies, do they have a secure site, do they offer ways to engage, ask questions and information for you to do your own research… And honestly listen to your instincts, if the sex toy intrigues you, then probably it is worth a try.

Blush Neo 6

This slender hot pink sex toy for women is a dildo and that simply means it is excellent for penetration or with a strap-on harness. Please note a dildo does not vibrate. The colour is fun and playful and while looks enough like a penis; it is still subtle enough to be enjoyed by anyone, if you can call hot pink subtle!

Fuze Flame

This dildo is perfect for just about anyone a beginner to an expert. The size is standard, not too big and not too small. The colour is an awesome rich purple. It has a flared base, so perfect for strap-on play and easy to hold. It is made from silicone, so excellent if you are allergic as silicone is consider to be hypo-allergenic.

Black Cherry G Spot

OK so this might be your second sex toy. Every woman is curious about her G Spot; are those orgasms as intense as everyone says? Where is my G Spot? So there reason the Black Cherry G Spot is curved is to help you reach your G Spot. It’s not an easy spot so the curve and big head helps you find your G Spot. And when you do, you will be so glad you decided to try something new!

Blush Gaia Eco

We just love this simple little sex toy for women or really anyone. It simple smooth sleek line, makes it easy for insertion but where it excels is in vibration. Since it is a firm eco friendly hard corn based plastic, the vibrations are intense. Gaia Eco will last a long time but someday when it’s given it’s all, it will eventually bio-degrade, which is pretty darn wonderful.

BSwish BWild Classic Bunny

This is a variation of Vibratex Rabbit Habit E. This rabbit is made from another hypo-allergenic material, silicone and both the phallus and bunny vibrate for intense stimulation. It has variation of speed and different modes to explore. It is on the slender size, so perfect for a beginner to try.

More choice but narrowed down to help you consider your options. And these of course are only a few newer sex toys. There is so much choice but we do think it is fun to explore what you like best. Now go start exploring!

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