Best Beginner Sex Toys-Men

Guys, sex toys have really come a long way for you! Let’s face it, sex toys for men or women have come a really long way. There have been vast improvements in terms of materials, quality and especially design. And guys, you actually are using sex toys now. You are not alone, many of you are exploring this part of your sexuality for practical and sensual experiences alone and together and we couldn’t be happier.

Tenga Egg Twister

Let’s begin with something simple and affordable.  Tenga is a Japanese Sex Toy company that began making sex toys for men exclusively. Their designs stood out. They are tasteful and pleasing to the eye. And they also perform. The Tenga Eggs are examples of simplicity and fun. Great for travel as they are very discreet. Once you crack that egg open, inside you find a soft textured egg with lubricant. The sleeve is disposable and quite affordable for a first time purchase.

Black Cherry 3 Rings

As Lovecraft has grown up (we just turned 47!!!) we’ve noticed that sometimes as we age, we need a little help. Black Cherry’s Penis rings help maintain an erection and they also create a firmer erection. They are super stretchy and easy to use. They can be used alone for just that little extra something or use them with a penis pump to help get an erection. The ring is placed at the base of the pump and once you are erect inside the pump, roll the ring off to keep your erection. If this is new to you, we recommend trying to perfect your technique before trying with a partner. You’ll shake those nerves, that we sometimes have.

G I Jack Penis Pump

And speaking of pumps, here is a good example of an effective pump. Pumps work with vacuum suction. They help to draw blood into your penis to activate your erection. Some men use a pump for masturbation purposes and others use it with a penis ring. One misconception we’d love to clear up…pumps will not make you larger. You might look larger in the cylinder and they will certainly give you an extremely firm erection, but the results are fleeting, so use a pump for in the moment pleasure and be content with what you have. You really are enough.

Aneros Helix Synergy

We’d be very remiss if we didn’t mention prostate play. Men around the world are discovering the joys of prostate play. Simple pressure against your prostate is driving you wild. Aneros has developed a line of prostate massagers to promote good prostate health and the bonus is these healthy prostate massagers are so much fun. How often does that happen?

Fleshlight Quick Shot Vantage

Fleshlight has a number of masturbation sleeves, generally with firm cases to help create suction. They feel very lifelike and Quick Shot enters the market at a lower price point, so if you’ve been curious about the brand Fleshlight, this is a great intro way to experience it…we think you’ll love it so much you’ll want to try more.

We didn’t specifically mention it but with all of these sex toys, lubricant is your friend. It provides for a more comfortable and sensual experience. These sex toys for men are easy to use and will give you lasting pleasure.

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