Best Sex Toys on a Budget

When first trying out a sex toy, you may not want to invest a lot. You might feel unsure. You might just not have the budget and that’s okay. You can for sure find good quality sex toys on a budget. A couple of things to keep in mind if the price seems like wow, I can’t believe I can get this super high end sex toy for so cheap…well you can’t! Unfortunately like every other industry, sex toys do get knocked off. Buyer beware. A sex toy is going to be used intimately, so you do want to be mindful and shop with common sense. Don’t buy your sex toy at a flea market! Look for longevity, how long has the sex shop been in business? What are their exchange policies? Do they have the opportunity to review products online? Look at outside sources and reviews before you commit. Speak with a customer rep…see if they are knowledgeable.

Once you’ve done your homework and feel comfortable, and you can trust the source…shop away. There are generally good times to look for sex toys on sale. Look for seasonal sales! While sex toys don’t really have a season or sell out like clothing, there are times when items are traditionally on sale…for instance Black Friday, Boxing Day or maybe Valentine’s as an example. Some websites and shops will have a sale section for you to browse. These budget sex toys could be on sale for a number of reasons, excess quantities, slower seller, new colours etc. If you like what you see and the sex toy checks your boxes then go for it.

And depending on how we can check those boxes for you, we have a few suggestions of some good quality sex toys for you to consider. CalExotics Booty Call Trainer is really good value. You get 3 different sizes of anal plugs. Start small and work up to a bigger size. Remember use lube!

If you want to try pegging, New Comers Kit by Sportsheets is an excellent first start. You get a harness and silicone dildo, all included! When you try silicone you will be hooked. It is non porous, warms to your body temperature and is virtually indestructible, so it will last you a long time. You can use the dildo on its own or with the harness, so that is good value.

The VeDO Drive is a great sex toy for couples to try out. This vibrating cock ring is silicone, so firm and all the above mentioned great attributes but is a much lower price than the rechargeable vibrating penis rings. And it is so much fun for both of you. Helps you last longer, helps intensify your orgasms.

Guys, if you want to try out a good budget masturbator, try Mood Exciter. It’s purple with texture inside for stimulation for you. Use with lubricant for a really intense solo session.

And ladies, I think if you’ve ever tried a vibrator, you know you can’t go wrong with a classic simple hard plastic vibe. Velvet Touch is simple and straightforward. Pop in 2 AA batteries, turn the dial to the vibration level that will work for you. This sex toy can be inserted but works very well as a clitoral stimulator. And sometimes you just want a straightforward orgasm. So just go for it!

Well there you have it…some budget ideas, some shopping plans so you can find the best sex toy for you on a budget.

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