Best Sexy Gift Ideas for Her

There is a lot of pressure during the holiday season to pick the perfect gift for her. You want it to be thoughtful; you want her to feel you’ve listened and you want her to feel like she’s really special and she deserves time just for her. Sex toys really send this message. They are fun, playful and actually quite tasteful. They encourage “me time”. They start conversations; they increase intimacy between couples and they add extra zip to your love making repertoire. With that in mind, we’ve chosen 5 sex toys that do just that.

Fuze Harmony

Fuze Harmony is a not too big and not too small flared based dildo. When she’s using it in a harness and feeling the ribbed texture against her body or using it on herself…she will be impressed by the quality and design of Harmony. Fuze Harmony is a solid silicone dildo, made right here in North America. So you’re also supporting shopping local. For the socially conscious it is a perfect choice and most of all it is darn fun.

Palm Power Recharge

This rechargeable massager really is quite intense. So when she tells you more, more! Well, you can show her you’ve listened. Palm Power Recharge is also discreet and really would be good for any sensitive area. No cords to get tangled (though sometimes, that’s a good thing). If she really likes it, there are attachment heads that you can pick up for the next holiday. It is a just right for a beginner but also anyone that has used a sex toy before will really appreciate its intensity.

BSwish BDesired Deluxe Curve

Well it wouldn’t be a gift giving sex toy guide without a G Spot toy recommendation. Curved to put pressure on the not so easy to reach G Spot; it is also made of silicone so perfect for anyone who has any allergies as silicone is considered hypo-allergenic. This BSwish G Spot sex toy takes 2 AAA batteries, so they are easy to find, but if your TV remote is missing its batteries, you’ll know why. We’d recommend using a water based lubricant for any sex toy that is used internally.

Gossip Bounce

This little fella is perfect for a beginner. It is so sweet with its fluttering bunny ears, she’s sure to be charmed by it. And wow, once she’s tried it for clitoral stimulation, she’ll wonder why she waited so long to try a clitoral sex toy.

BSwish BWild Classic Bunny

This dual stimulator is also a sex toy that really intrigues women. The longer phallic part is inserted inside her and the bunny vibrates and flutters against her clitoris. It is also silicone so fairly easy for insertion but do add a water based lubricant for sheer gliding pleasure.

If you choose any of these sex toys for this holiday gift giving season; we really think you’ll be seeing a very big grin on Boxing day and through the next year.




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