Canada 150

We’re sure you’ve probably noticed, but celebrations for Canada’s 150th year have been sweeping the nation. It also means this is Lovecraft’s 45th year of operation! Woohoo!

We love reasons to celebrate, so for this blog and Canada’s sesquicentennial (say that one ten times fast), we’re showcasing some amazing Canadian brands offering you some of the best sexy supplies around.

First up in our cool Canadian company compilation is Fuze Toys – each one of their toys is designed in Canada with a refined taste for elegance, versatility and comfort. They use the finest medical-grade silicone and, when painted, use some of the smoothest FDA-approved coatings we’ve ever seen.

Their claim to fame is having a slot in the bottom of their harness-compatible dildos and butt plugs, so that they can easily become great vibrators. On top of all that, they’re committed to environmental sustainability (they even plant trees, fruit and berries!).

Another Canadian gem we like is Aslan Leather – they’re currently celebrating their 25th year as a company!

They’ve always provided the best in sweet leather intimate wear, and harnesses from classy to wild. They even have a David Bowie-themed harness! All Aslan products are designed and made in Canada.

There’s also We-Vibe  – the creators of this hyper-classy Canadian vibrator company were originally engineers that shared a passion for, well, sharing intimacy. We-Vibe created a toy for couples that could be used during intercourse, and they exploded onto the market.

Their toys use extra-fine silicon, and are often designed with couples’ pleasure in mind. Their toys have gained international acclaim, and have won numerous awards – making us Canadians proud.

There is an abundance of great Canadian sexual health and wellness companies, but one that stands out to us is the lovely Hathor Aphrodisia (Sutil).

If you’re looking for pure, all-organic and really-awesome-smelling lubes, massage oils, lotions and even edible lubricants, they’ve got you covered with an extensive range of all-Canadian, eco-friendly and aphrodisiac glory.

Take a look at some great Canadian products at Lovecraft, and have a great rest of your Canada 150! Remember, if you haven’t already, it’s definitely about time for you to take some you-time.


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