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Which is the best vibrator?

There really is no such thing as the “best”  vibrator……you have to decide what is best for your desires. We have an assortment of vibrators and sex toys; we are always happy to discuss qualities and attributes of all our products to help you determine what might be best for you. You can contact us via our toll free number at  1-877-923-7331 or We have vibrators ranging from hard plastic, synthetic , glass, stainless steel, elastomer and silicone. Determining what is best for you may depend on your budget, taste, what you want your toy to do, and your sensitivities. We have g spot toys, penis rings, anal toys, phallic shaped toys and clitoral stimulators to name a few. Have no fear; we can help you figure out what is best for you. Have more questions? Read our Sex Ed blog to find answers.

Is a vibrator the same as a dildo?

The basic difference is vibrators vibrate and dildos don’t. Vibrators can be phallic in shape or as small as a silver bullet. Depending on their size and shape they can be used internally or externally. Dildos are generally used for penetration and are usually made of  synthetic, silicone, glass or stainless steel. Vibrators generally require less effort to achieve an orgasm but for that slower build up of pleasure a dildo is a superb choice. Dildos may also have a flared base which allows them to be used with a universal harness for strap on play.

Can a vibrator be used on a man?

Of course, why not? Vibrators are used to enhance pleasure zones. You can use a vibrator on the sensitive head of a penis or perhaps a little prostate stimulation is more your speed. Remember to look for a curved toy with a flared base. For anal play, always use a lubricant. Any erogenous zone will enjoy a little attention from a vibrator. We also have specific toys designed for with different shapes and textures for male masturbation.

What is a cock ring?

Cock rings are used for a variety of reasons. Some men wear them for their decorative or fetish value. Others wear them expecting them to be functional. They should fit pretty darn snug. They are designed to fit around the base of the penis and scrotum thereby restricting blood flow. The pressure can be quite pleasing and can heighten sensation. A number of men find the ring prolongs an erection or makes them firmer. Some men love the experience and some not at all. Remember to wear it no longer than 20 minutes. Latex or metal rings should be put on before you are erect, and leather can be put on when erect. And don’t forget about vibrating cock rings! They are ideal for couples and are a good way to introduce a sex toy into your repertoire.

Do penis pumps make your penis bigger?

Some pumps claim to work miracles, but generally your penis will appear larger in the pump while the vacuum suction is working. Once the suction is no longer there your penis will go back to normal. Pumps can be used as a masturbation tool or they can be quite useful for men with erectile dysfunction when used with a penis ring.

What are Kegel Exercisers?

They are essentially two weighted balls or perhaps a weighted cylinder.  You can even have more sophisticated Kegel Exercisers that can track your progress with an online app! Essentially, the Kegel balls are inserted into the vagina and you contract your muscles around the balls. The balls give you focus and a weight to challenge your pelvic floor muscles.  Curious?  Want to find out more? Check out our Sex Ed blog and videos to learn more.

How do I choose the best lubricant?

There are many options when buying a lubricant. We would suggest water, hybrid or silicone based lubricant. Standard water based lubes are taste free, non-staining, non-irritating to genital tissue and they will wash out of your body quite easily. If the lube seems to evaporate you can easily add water to rejuvenate it. Water based lubricant is great to use with your sex toy. If you have any sensitivities look for glycerin and paraben free lubricants. Hybrid lubricants are a base of water with a dash of silicone. They are excellent to use with your vibrators and dildos and of course with your partner. Hybrids last longer than water. Silicone lubricants are extremely long lasting and safe to use internally. Do not use silicone lubricants with your silicone sex toys. Silicones break each other down over time. Organic and natural  lubricants are also available in today’s market. There are also flavoured lubes, warming lubes, tingling or cooling lubricants. Remember lubricant should always be used when engaging in anal play. Most folks prefer a thicker lube for anal play.

Tell me about hypoallergenic materials for sex toys?

Glass, stainless steel, elastomer, plastic and silicone are all considered hypoallergenic. Silicone is flexible and holds heat well, making it more comfortable for penetration. It is very resilient and a silicone dildo can be boiled (up to 5 minutes) or placed on the top rack of your dishwasher for cleaning. High quality silicone should always be opaque and never clear. All these materials are non porous which makes for an easy clean up. Stainless is also incredibly durable and obviously hard like glass. Stainless also holds temperature well and can be heated or cooled to your liking. Many of the hypoallergenic silicone products are rechargeable making them a little more eco friendly and they often come with a warranty program.

Can you be allergic to latex?

You usually get some warning from latex, you may experience an itch or rash when wearing rubber gloves used for washing dishes. So when in doubt immediately stop using latex and consult your physician as latex allergies can be quite serious. Most sex toys are not actually made with latex any more but condoms are. If you are concerned please consult with your physician and make different choices like using polyurethane condoms and silicone vibrators.

Are there any warranties on any of the products?

Not all products come with warranties but many luxury sex toys do. The warranties range from one year to a 3 year material warranty. Any product with a warranty will be noted on our website and on the product itself. The information that comes with a product will explain how to ensure that the warranty is honoured. Please read the information that each company provides carefully. Generally companies like We-Vibe, Lelo, and Vibratex offer warranties.

Do you have any suggestions for people with mobility issues?

We have finger vibrators that you can slip on your hand which will help a little with the manual work. Also, look for longer handled toys that help reach a little further for you. Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 was originally developed for men with spinal cord injuries. Firm pillows can also be helpful. Look for firm wedged pillows, the covers can usually be removed for washing. They offer excellent back support.

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