Do’s & Don’ts of Anal Sex

OK so to be clear, we’re talking anal sex and anal sex toys….and you ask, what are you saying…OK so in this article, we’re discussing anal sex not toys designed for prostate play. The prostate deserves its own article, probably more than one.

Now that we’re clear on that…our customers seem to be darn curious about anal sex and we are here to answer your questions. Sometimes, you approach the question with morbid curiosity…you know, you want to know what it’s like but haven’t tried it but want to, but will hurt? What will people think? Whatever. So this article is for you.

Start out small 

Truly if you are a beginner don’t push yourself. Go slowly and use lube! Anal sex should not hurt, let me repeat that, anal sex should not hurt. If if does, well duh, please stop. You do not need to push yourself to please anyone, just yourself. Honestly this is a common feeling we get from customers, you’re considering it for someone else. Please don’t. Try it because you are curious. Being inquisitive is awesome, we love it.  OK back to small. Many people try inserting a finger in their anus or their partner’s finger and this is fine but keep hygiene in mind. Your nails and cuticles should be trimmed and oh so clean! Better yet, use gloves…medical professionals use gloves, so why not you? Work your sexy, while putting on those gloves, still use lube…always lube.

Always Lube

We probably don’t have to tell you this but your anus is not self-lubricating, so yes, use lube, never ever insert a finger or anal sex toy without it. And don’t believe porn movies, spit, yuck. Use lubricant. Once you start trying lubricant, you’ll discover that you’ll have a personal preference. So go with that preference, but if you haven’t discovered lubricant, well what are you waiting for?! We find a thicker lubricant is best for anal sex play. We like thick because it stays in place whether it is on your sex toy, finger or in your anus. A thicker lubricant helps makes insertion  really smooth and comfortable. Thicker lubes tend to be water based, like Sutil Rich and that is the best choice if you happen to be using silicone anal sex toys, but more on that later. If you want a lube that never really feels like it dries up, consider a silicone lubricant like Jo Premium. Silicone is way beyond long lasting and is excellent for any kind of penetration except don’t use it with silicone sex toys.


Anal Sex Toys

So you don’t want to get a toy lost up there! You don’t want to be the ER’s story of the night! Most anal toys for sale would have a flared base. The flared base helps stop the toy from going too deep. Anal sex toys vary in size from very small to wowza…generally trust your instincts, only insert as much as you think you can handle. This is why many anal sex toys have a tapered body, like Fuze Arrow to make insertion just a little easier.  Sex toys come in a variety of materials: glass, stainless steel, synthetic and silicone. Each material has its qualities, synthetics tend to be very cost effective but they are porous and a non porous material like stainless, glass or silicone is preferred for anal play for obvious reasons. You can use a condom over your anal sex toy for easy clean up. Silicone is an excellent material as it has some give and flexibility and is non porous, so it won’t absorb bacteria’s.  Always, always wash your sex toys with warm soapy water before and after each use. The only down side to silicone is the fact that it is not compatible with silicone lubricant. They break each other down, so if you are using a silicone anal sex toy, use a water based lubricant. If this is your first time or your first time wasn’t so successful, breath, use lube, breath, use lube and slowly insert. Remember a relaxed anus is way more receptive. If you are clenched up, well then insertion is next to impossible and certainly won’t be fun.

So Many Rules

It might seem like there are more rules when it comes to anal sex and yes there are a few, but once you master the basics of anal play; it really can be so much fun and add a new or different dimension to your sexual repertoire.

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