Feel Sexy & Confident Everyday

At this time of the year, it seems everywhere you turn you’ll find a sexy Halloween costume, online, special Halloween shops, sexshops all promising you a sexy night out or in! If ever you wanted embrace a cliche, now is your chance. You can be a sexy nurse, sexy firefighter or sexy cop. I mean what are those handcuffs for anyway? Those superficial experiences really can be sexy and fun, you can feel empowered and confident every day. If you do, just watch how people react to you. You’ll be more respected, you’ll feel even more confident; this will translate to how all your relationships work. From your work colleagues, that tinder date and of course your partner will see a new spark in you! And who wouldn’t want that?

Follow these top Five Tips to feel Sexier Inside and Out

  1. Sexy is in your head, so challenge yourself to do something different. Perhaps something that scares you a little? This gives you a chance to boost your confidence. Afraid of heights? Take a balloon ride with someone special. Breath and believe in yourself. You can do it!
  2. Wear clothes that you feel good wearing and it doesn’t have to be classically sexy, though if you feel hot in leather chaps, go for it! The idea is that when you dress confidently, you are confident. Sometimes we have to start from the outside in to give that self assurance a boost.
  3. Practice flirting. For many flirting does not come naturally. So just like most things, practice makes perfect. When flirting don’t think your end game is to always get someone in bed. It is sexy to simply make someone’s day. Most of us enjoy a little positive reinforcement. Keep in mind not everyone wants the attention, so respect that too, maybe they’re having a bad day, who knows but being a good flirt is being a good listener. People appreciate when you really pay attention.
  4. Try being a different person for a little while. Halloween is a great opportunity to explore a different persona. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go to a Halloween party, stay in character all night long. Reflect on your experience. What did you like? How did people react? Maybe you can bring a little of that bold persona to your everyday life?
  5. Pleasure yourself to better understand what you like in bed. Try a sex toy, think of it as an experiment. Call it “Project Party for One”, use that vibrator in places that you might not typically, challenge yourself to find a new erogenous zone! If you really know what you like, convey this to your bedmate, that kind of confidence is the ultimate in sexy!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you will feel sexy and self confident. You’ll be amazed at how the world responds to you!

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