First toy for men

As a guy, it can be very intimidating to look into toys. Whether it was recommended to you by a friend, lover or you’re looking to try something new, there are a lot of sex toy options out there for men – so to make research easy, we’ve made of list of everything you need to know and look for.

Who’s the toy for?

There are basically two options concerning male toys: do you want a toy for just you, or a toy that you and your lover can enjoy together?

For couples

There are a great range of toys for couples that are designed for guys, and Screaming O makes many of them. They’re the masterminds behind the classic penis ring, and now they have an extensive selection of rings, from double-rings to vibrating rings to vibrating double rings that are designed to please both you and your lover at the same time during intercourse.


For you

Toys for just you are widely available, at a variety of price points. Companies like Tenga and Doc Johnson make high quality masturbation sleeve for any budget, with exciting shapes and patterns on the inside for unique and wild sensations.

If you’re shopping with a slightly higher budget, you’re looking at the right time – Hot Octopuss has created the first ever “guy-brator”, reviewed very highly by Zoomer magazine. It’s essentially a masturbation sleeve that vibrates at various intensities and in different patterns.

There are also prostate massagers – Aneros makes very high-quality prostrate toys that are designed to pleasure you using only the natural movement of your body.


Should I use a lubricant?

Definitely. A lubricant with a guy’s toy is always recommended – companies like Probe and Maximus make great water-based lubricants that are sure to keep things moving.

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