Foreplay Tips

If we could just take a moment to discuss feedback we get from our customers…we’d say one common desire is more FOREPLAY. Take your time, this is worth it. We know…you are busy, you are stressed but isn’t it worth it to connect with your partner? We think so and we’ve got a few ideas to help.

Recall Your Favourite Sexual Encounter

Yes, you’ve had them…some stand out more than others. Relive them with your partner, discuss in great detail. Talk about what excited you. Why was this hot for you? Ask them for their sexy memory. You might be surprised, they might not be the same.

Start your sexual encounter somewhere other than the bedroom

Sure of course your bedroom makes sense to have sex…it is private, it has that comfy bed but isn’t that where you always have sex? So shake up that routine, if you are making your move and they say let’s go to the bedroom, hold them and say no right here. You’ll be surprised at how responsive your partner will be. You will be creating more hot memories for the future and hey take a moment to savour the sexy encounter you’re in the middle of.

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Talk Dirty

And we’re not really talking about swearing; we’re talking about describing what you are doing. “I’m taking off your shirt” or “I’m going to take you right now, right here” Talking dirty is different for everyone but the point is to push yourself and your partner a little out of your comfort zone.

Shake up Your Routine

So if your go to sex position is Missionary that is super fine….but isn’t it good to change flavours once in awhile? Vanilla is a delicious flavour with many variations but once in awhile don’t you want Chocolate Mint Chip? Of course you do, so do it, start Missionary, pause and switch it up. You are extending your lovemaking and pretty much everyone wants that.  It’s kind of universal.

Read Aloud

Nothing says foreplay like reading erotic fiction together. Doesn’t it conjure up old movies, a couple floating in a boat reading to one another…but this time with a twist. We promise you’ll both be so aroused by the time you are finished; you’ll barely be able to contain yourselves.

What are your foreplay tips? What turns you on?


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