Fun Sex Toys for a Weekend Getaway

Often when we get away for a weekend, we want to shake up our routines, try something different. May we recommend trying  a new sex toy and a bit of friendly bondage? When planning a romantic weekend there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t drive too far, two hours max…you want to spend the time in your romantic location, not driving in traffic. Book ahead, this is meant to be a stress free weekend, so book your hotel or B & B before you leave. Make reservations at your special restaurant. And bring those sex toys! Planning will help you have a romantic, sexy and stress free weekend.

Japanese Love Rope

Isn’t everyone into bondage these days? Seems like it…and if you haven’t tried it yet…does you B & B have a four poster bed, they often do…well, just saying, soft rope will be a welcome addition to your sweet bedroom. This rope is very soft and easy to use. Planning is key here, look up online ways to tie knots, bring a few props, like a soya based candle to drizzle melted wax on your partner. As always discuss this before hand with your partner. Make sure you have a safe word and most importantly use your imagination.

Sportsheets Bed Bondage Restraints

So if you don’t have a four poster bed but still want to indulge in bondage play Sportsheets has a series of soft restraints that can be tightened with velcro…barely a learning curve with this BDSM gear. Remember you have the weekend. Take your time, indulge your fantasies, role play. This time is for you to play, so what are you waiting for?

We-Vibe Verge

This rechargeable cock ring is fun to use with a penis or dildo. The vibration is against the shaft of the penis and when they are inside of you…well you feel intense vibration against your body. Verge is made of silicone, so very easy to clean…just soap and water. Silicone in non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb bacteria…when travelling with a sex toy…carrying it in a soft fabric bag is best. You can tuck it in your luggage but also protect it.

Screaming O Bullet

This little sex toy is very discreet and so simple to use…and let’s face, sometimes you just want to jump into the fray. Not do the reading and planning. This sex toy is so small it slips easily into a hand bag or brief case. Bring extra batteries, use anywhere that feels good.

We-Vibe Tango

This gem is a rechargeable external sex toy. Completely waterproof, so go ahead use it in the shower or even hot tub. If you like intense vibration but still want discretion…well this wonderful toy fits the bill.

There are many ways to incorporate a little sexiness and daring into your sex life, these suggestions are just some of the many wonderful ways to connect with your partner.

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