How do I keep passion alive?

The comfort of a long term relationship is something special, but it should not be taken for granted. Keeping passion alive in your relationship can be a challenge. It is natural for relationships to have ups and downs. There are stresses in life and stages in life where you as a couple take a back burner. Your relationship might never again be like the first time you had sex. In fact, it can be better and if you want it to last, it will be better than many firsts but you do have to make an effort. You are both worth it.

Practice Gratitude

When you first become a couple, using the pronoun “we” might feel weird or even possessive. What it does is build a collective feeling. You’re in this together. You are considering another, maybe for the first time. This is important and will build deep bonds with each other. Practice gratitude with your partner. Thank them for the little things, not just the big efforts. People like to be recognized, they like to be seen. By thanking them, you are seeing them. Gratitude, generally can be impactful in all aspects of your life. Try for 21 days to make a conscious effort to be grateful for the actions of your partner and see what happens. This is a game changer!

Be Vulnerable

Kiss each other daily, kiss each other hello and good-bye and most definitely before you go to bed! Be vulnerable with each other. Tell them your deepest desires, express honestly and respectfully how you feel. Being vulnerable will create intimacy and will deepen your relationship.

Be Thoughtful

Create special rituals that are just for the 2 of you. They could be very simple like making a point to discuss your day or what’s on your mind over dinner. Could be an evening walk; you are trying to create ways for communication to flow. Make romantic gestures, be thoughtful. They don’t have to be grand, it could be the pumpkin spice lattes are back, so I picked one up for you.


Keep romance alive by writing love notes. If they are going away on a business trip, hide a few notes in their luggage. If you are going away, hide a few notes around your place. Be sweet, be kind, be sexy. Text each other every day, check in with each other. Just say I love you.

What do you do to keep passion alive in your relationship? If you are interested in more information or have more questions you can always Ask Pam. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for instructional videos.



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