How do I Use Sex Toys? For Her

Awesome, you’ve made your first sex toy purchase! Or you are just about to…and you are wondering exactly what am I going to do with this sex toy when I have it? How do I use my sex toy? Not to worry, if you just used your instincts and a bit of trial and error, you’ll probably be just fine. But why not learn from our experience and glean a few tips and techniques on how to best use your sex toy for women.

Keep it Simple

If you’ve never used a sex toy before,we’d recommend starting out simply. Go for a nice basic sex toy. If you have a basic insert-able sex toy for women. It likely takes a couple of batteries, might have a simple dial for control to allow for some variation of speed. Try stimulating yourself externally first anywhere that feels good but certainly your clitoris. Foreplay is important whether it is just you and your vibe or you and a partner. You have to get yourself ready physically before insertion. Arouse yourself. Some insert-able sex toys will absorb your natural lubrication, so consider using a lubricant on your sex toy. Start with a little, add more if you need. Rub all over your toy. Make sure you wash your sex toy before you play and afterwards.   Then just do what feels right, pay attention to what feels good, try different positions, sensations. Fantasy is an excellent way to use your sex toy.

Direct Clitoral Stimulation

Size can be a consideration. Remember there is no right or wrong sex toy. Listen to your instincts. If you want to explore something bigger than you’ve tried before, go for it! Just pay attention and use lube! Sometimes you just want to get off quickly. We can’t always romance ourselves, right?  So a smaller sex toy designed for clitoral or external stimulation is an excellent way to go. These smaller toys are very easy to use. They could be run by batteries or they could be rechargeable. If they are just being used externally, lubricant is optional. You might enjoy the extra glide, the lube gives you or you might just appreciate the direct stimulation. Direct clitoral stimulation is very effective to give you an orgasm or two or three or more! You can also tease yourself, almost bring yourself to climax and slow it down…you’ll find your favourite way to play! Consider using a small sex toy together with your partner.

Step it Up with a Rabbit Sex Toy

Once you’ve tried simple, why not try something with a few more bells and whistles? You can try a rechargeable with many variations of speed. You could try a rabbit type of vibrator. These are one of our most popular sex toys for women. The rabbit design varies but here are a couple of examples. The original design has a phallus rotating and a bunny that is attached to give direct clitoral stimulation. The advantage of the rotation is that the clitoral stimulation is a little more random. The other version of a rabbit sex toy has both the bunny and the insert-table phallus vibrating. These toys will generally have variation of speed as well. Use lube for the penetrative part. Take a deep breath and enjoy the deep duo sensation that a rabbit sex toy can bring you.

Try a Tapered Butt Plug

If you want to try an anal plug or butt plug, look for a flared based. The flared based will stop the plug from going too deep. Try a silicone plug because they are non-porous, so easy to clean. Also your water based lube will stay on top of the butt plug. You definitely want lube with a butt plug. Insert as little or as much as you desire, but start out slowly, breath and enjoy the feeling of fullness in a way that only a plug can bring you. When you are climaxing, you can remove and this can intensify your orgasm.

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