How do I Use Sex Toys? For Him

So you’ve purchase sex toy for men? Good for you! And now you’re wondering, how exactly do I use this sex toy for men? It can be a bit daunting and sometimes there is just not enough information provided with the sex toy. Well not to worry, there really aren’t too many rules and essentially if you do what feels right, you’ll probably be just fine.

Cock Rings

Your first cock ring can be to last longer, keep you firmer or perhaps the ring is truly doing the heavy lifting and really keeping you erect. Cock rings come in a variety of materials. Common choices would be a synthetic, leather, silicone or even stainless steel. We’re going to focus on the rings that provide some stretch. These are our most popular rings and the most useful. Penis rings are easy to use. Stretch the ring over your semi erect penis, place at the base of your penis and voila you are now wearing a penis ring. Your erection will grow into the ring and become very hard. Depending on the size of the cock ring, you can also include your testicles in the mix. Many folks enjoy the extra feeling of tight restriction. If you find your pubic hair is getting in the way and you think this will become a regular thing…consider trimming. Lubricant can also be quite helpful for ease of use. Do Not wear a penis ring longer than 20 minutes. You will be able to ejaculate while wearing the ring, but it will delay you and your partner will be happy! Once you’re both satisfied, you can easily remove the ring.

Another way that men use a cock ring is with a vacuum erection pump. These two sex toys together can be so helpful if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Before placing pump over your penis, place ring at base of pump, use lubricant to create a seal when you place pump over your penis. Pump the pump and you will experience a firmer erection inside the pump. Slide cock ring off pump, onto your penis. The penis ring will keep you firm. Release the pump from your penis, and now you are ready for intercourse. Take your time with this; you may want to practice on your own first before trying with a partner.

Masturbation Sleeves

Male masturbation sleeves have come a long way from the early days of sex toys. They come with texture, lifelike like a vagina or an anus. Or less lifelike, non representational. The quality is much improved and there is a ton of choice. There is not a lot to know about a sleeve, use your instincts, do what feels good, experiment a little. Use lube! The lube will mimic natural lubrication and make playing with your toy, so much more comfortable.

Prostate Massage

Prostate play is now on the rise of popular interest. Men have discovered their P Spot! Congratulations! When choosing a prostate massager, look for something with a few curves and bumps. They put pressure on your prostate. Always use a sex toy with a flared base. And always use lubricant. When inserting a prostate sex toy, take it slowly, breath deeply, enjoy each sensation. Once inserted, you don’t really need to do too much. It is better just to enjoy the pressure, let the sensation build. Reports suggest that these are some of the most intense orgasms that you will ever have!

So there you have it…a few tips on how to make the most of your sex toy for men. If you are interested in more information or have more questions you can always Ask Pam. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for instructional videos.

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