How to choose a condom?

Choosing the right condom for you:

Condoms differ in a number of ways. You may want to try several different brands like Okamoto Crown, Kimono or Lifestyles  to find the ones you’ll like best. Often a good sex shop will offer condom singles. Treat yourself to your own personalized baker’s dozen!  This is a fabulous way to try out a ton of condoms!  If singles are on offer, make sure each condom packet has a lot number and expiry date on the packet. Safety first!

Condom Material:

Use latex or polyurethane condoms for protection from sexually transmitted infections. Some folks are choosing polyurethane condoms because they are latex free so perfect for those who have latex allergies. Condoms made from natural intestines, commonly called “skins” or “lambskins”, are not recommended for infection protection. And are really difficult to find, so stick with polyurethane condoms if you have latex sensitivities.


Condom Lubrication:

Lubricated condoms are less likely to break because they are lubricated. Most condoms are lubricated with silicone lubricant. We know, some of you don’t want lubrication or you want to add your own, not a problem lubricant free condoms are available.


Condom Size & Shape:

Most condoms are 7 to 7 1/2 inches (18 cm to 19.5 cm) long, but several brands are longer than average. While most condoms have straight sides, some have wider head room and others are form fitting. A reservoir tip also helps to prevent condoms from breaking. They are really, really stretchy, trust us, you will find a condom that you love. Perhaps the most unusual condom currently on the market is the Female Condom. This is shaped to fit female genitalia and is highly recommended to prevent STI’s.

Condom Smell/Taste:

Condoms really have almost no smell at all.  Perhaps in the old days they had a strong scent, but we know you don’t really want your penis to smell like a tire, so don’t worry you won’t!  People who use condoms for oral sex usually prefer condoms without regular lubrication. You should look for flavored or lubricant free condoms from brands like Trustex.


Most Asked for Condom:

Yes, you guessed right! Thin or sensitive condoms. You want to feel like you are wearing next to nothing when wearing your condoms. No problem, we know that is your top choice and we have a ton of selection for you. Best of all, just because you are using a thin condom; you are still uber safe as they are strong and all Health Canada Approved.

All kidding aside, it is extremely important to purchase condoms from a trusted vendor that has your best interests at heart.

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