How to Improve Communication Between Your Partner and Yourself

Communication is very important in a relationship.  However, it tends to wane over time, and especially when there are children that seem to monopolize your time and energy. And it’s not just kids, work, parents, meetings can all put a damper to your relationship. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the importance of everything else that you put your partner and your relationship on the back burner. So much so, that sometimes it really takes more of an effort to recover. Relationships do take work, just like pretty much everything else, but when you put the effort in, you get so much back! Communicating well, not just about the everyday but about how you feel will make a huge difference.

Communication between a couple is very important in keeping a solid relationship.  It can help improve your sex life too, as you will be able to let your partner know what you might feel is missing from your sexual relationship or what you might like to try to create that spark again.

First and foremost you both need to put down those iPads, Laptops, or any other technology and turn off the television.  Sometimes going out somewhere for coffee or a meal together can help, as long as it’s not a noisy place and not somewhere that has several television sets that may distract you or your partner.

Eye contact in a conversation is very important, as is actually listening to each other.  Making eye contact is also very important and helps improve listening.  It’s easy for our minds to wander, but if you find yourself doing that make the effort to bring your attention back to the topic and if need ask your partner to repeat what you may not have heard instead of pretending you heard.  Also, if you interrupt stop and apologize and resist doing so again.  If you’re not clear about what your partner is asking or saying then ask for further clarification or examples.  Try to be open to new ideas that your partner may have to help improve your relationship, and try to think of your own ideas.  Brainstorming together is always good, and opens up communication and helps rekindle the intimacy in your relationship.

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