If Vibration isn’t your thing…What do you choose?

Not all of us are into vibration. Vibration is kind of like penetrative sex, for some that is the only kind of sex . We’re here to tell you that there are so many ways to enhance your sexual experience when you want to try something different. Sex is pretty much having an intimate experience with yourself or with another.

Have you tried Anal?

Anal play for yourself or with a partner can really add a different dimension to your sex life. If you’ve never tried it..you really should. Men especially have a lot of nerve endings that really intensify your pleasure. For men, a curved plug is best. For women a straight anal plug is just fine. If you’ve never experienced anal play start out with something slim. Always use a sex toy with a flared base. This is important. We really like silicone toys as they are non porous, so very easy to clean and a little flexible, but firm, so easy to insert. Anal play could involve pegging, so that is when a woman penetrates a male. And there you’ve got a lot of psychology involved.  Part of feeling sexy is really using your mind.

Lube is Sexy

Lube is just not for dry vaginas! Though we highly recommend it if that is your concern. Lube is just slippery fun. Try a silicone for long lasting pleasure. Definitely use a water based lube for anal play. Consider a flavoured lubricant for oral sex. There is a ton of choice. When Lovecraft opened in 1972…lubricant had more of a medical feel to it…well thank goodness, all of that has changed. You can get thick, thin, organic, warming, flavoured, silicone, oil and water based lubricant.


There are many ways to feel sensation that might be a little more subtle than vibration. Considering using easily found household objects like ice or even a new feather duster. Honey is great if you like things a little sticky! You can of course try a special feather tickler or a flogger to increase sensation. If the sensation involves intense pressure, make sure you discuss how comfortable you are, how far you want to go. And remember if at any time you want to stop, just stop. This is meant to be fun, not an endurance, something that you must get through…


Penetration without vibration for sure is a darn fine thing. Using a dildo can offer you a different experience. Dildos come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They have fun colours and skin tones…if you can imagine it, then it probably exists in a dildo. You can even find super hero dildos! You can use a dildo on your own  or with a partner. Use it in a strap-on harness. Be creative.

Cock Rings for Firmness

A penis ring will help you maintain an erection. They help you last longer. Cock rings also increase your firmness. So while they can have a practical function, they can also just add longer lasting pleasure as well. We don’t all come at the same time and a penis ring can help slow things down. And that is a good thing.

Hopefully you feel inspired to try something new. It doesn’t really take a lot of prep and truly it can be fun to shop online together or surprise your partner. Or just treat yourself; you deserve it.




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