In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

There is an expression that you may have heard your mother or your grandmother use when talking about this month of March.  It is: “in like a lion, out like a lamb”.  As far as I can tell, what it means is that if the month starts out with wicked cold and storms and generally extreme conditions you can expect it to end on a gentler, warmer, cozier note.  That will be good news to all of us Torontonians who have been freezing our behinds off in below average temperatures and above average centimeters of snow.  

What the hell does this have to do with sex or love?  Well, I’m so glad you asked.  Everything!  I don’t think that those words of wisdom are confined to a weather report and I think gramma knew it.  Typically, they do know a thing or two about many a thing.  Including, believe it or not: sex and love.  

Sparks Start To Fly

Relationships can be described very much the same.  They can start out with a fevered pitch, an intensity of heat and passion that could easily be mistaken for a tornado whipping through your head, your heart, your mind, your life, your body.  Everything is turned upside down with the chaos that can be created when two people meet and sparks start to fly.  Not every relationship starts this way but most of us,at least once, have had the experience of this maelstrom. It is intense.  It is consuming.  It can feel like an addiction and the other person can feel like the drug.  It has roared into your life:  like a lion.

Are We Doomed To Be Consumed?

What happens then?  When attraction roars in like that lion are we doomed to be consumed?

If you are someone who is secure, centred and grounded, sure of the love and plenty that the world has to offer, able to give and receive love, at ease with your body and expressing your sexuality this can be a glorious time.  If you are someone who is in touch with your boundaries, knows your truth and is able to speak it, has a clear vision of what kind of partner they want to be and they want, is able to communicate their needs, and trusts that the universe will bring them sacred lessons then it can be a time to let go and release and see where things take you.  

Not everyone is lucky enough to have all of those boxes ticked.  Many of us have places within that have stored energy waiting for resolution.  Such an intense, emotional, physical interaction with another person is bound to stir up some of those places and some of the sparks that fly won’t be just passion.  They could be anger, or fear, or anxiety.  The sense of craving someone else may trigger a mindset of lack and we may behave in ways that are needy or demanding or we may go the opposite direction and close our self off to avoid the feeling of want.  We might push the experience away entirely.  

Meet The Passion Head On

The key is to do your work, be doing your inner work along the way so that when the storm hits, when lightning crashes you can ride with it.  You can meet that passion head on:  open to receive, open to give.  Not blindly, with no holds barred but from a place of knowing that you are ok and that you will be ok with or without this other.  Eventually, if you are lucky, you can keep the spark and enjoy the next phase.  The phase of the lamb.  The gentler, cozier part of the love relationship that evolves when people have experienced each other fully and still remained whole in themselves.  This is the part where the storm has passed and the calm has arrived and you can bask in the glow of the warmth. Or you can say goodbye.  Either way, if you are doing your inner work, if you are loving yourself along the way, then you will have an amazing experience to remember and it will warm you still on cold winter nights.  

Certified Inner Workout Life coach, International Coaching Federation member

Fiona is passionate about helping people connect to their inner love and beauty.  She uses energy, inner soul work and a simple yet effective structured practice to allow people to align with their highest purpose to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.  She graduated as a registered nurse many years ago, raised a family, worked in the corporate and training world, has been married and divorced, blended a family and now lives happily with her partner in Toronto.  She uses her experience along with her expertise to enrich her coaching practice. She is looking forward to sharing your journey. Contact Fiona by Email or Visit Fiona’s Website

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