What are libido boosters, and are they really effective?

Your libido is your sex drive, plain and simple. Technically, it’s a combination of testosterone and dopamine (your sex hormones) that fuel you when you’re feelin’ good. Low levels of testosterone (in anyone, regardless of gender) can lead to a low sex drive. Problems with sex drives affect more than 1 in 3 couples at some point in time.

Libido can change and testosterone levels can be lowered for a variety of reasons including stress, health issues, medication and age, with age being the most common. For years, “libido boosters” have been available to buy, but how do they work, and how effective are they?

Libido boosters often come in the form of artificial testosterone supplements or herbal remedies that contain natural aphrodisiac (testosterone or dopamine-inducing) ingredients, prescription drugs or herbal supplements. They can be taken in the form of pills or liquid form. There are also foods that act as natural libido boosters – bananas, figs, avocados and (our favourite) chocolate. Boosters increase testosterone and blood flow in your body, helping you get in the mood more easily and stay in the mood longer.

Are they effective? Just ask the data. HerbaMAX, a brand of all-natural libido booster we carry, has consistent return customers, and boasts zero side effects, unlike drug supplements. Cosmopolitan Magazine found couples saw a 50% increase in sex drive and satisfaction when using a natural sex drive-enhancer.

If you’re looking to up your sex drive and not sure where to start, libido boosters are a great and safe way to go. Try them for yourself!

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