How to be a little more adventurous this New Year!

You know you want to shake up your routines. The New Year seems to demand it. And when you think about it a while, it is a great time to reflect and vision what you want for the new year. This is an opportunity to think about the past year, what’s gone right? What did you love? And of course what did you want to change or improve upon? This can be in your every day life but it can also be in your sex life.

Here at Lovecraft, we’re all for reflection, new beginnings and opportunities. We have many opinions but we’ll stick with your sex life.  It is kind of ironic that one of the most intimate acts we can have as humans often comes with such angst even with people we really care about. We find it difficult to discuss our desires openly. We might be having sex fairly frequently but might be finding it not quite as satisfying as you once did. This is normal. We have ups and downs and we sometimes just want to change our routines. We don’t eat the same food every day, why would we have sex the same way every time we engage? Sometimes our customers seem to feel that wanting to change up your sex routines feels not quite right but honestly never trying anything different makes for a very vanilla kind of world.

Our customers often want to hear about new sex toys for couples. And those wonderful sex toy makers always deliver with something new and exciting. One of our favourite new sex toys is Dame’s Fin. It is a finger vibrator upgraded. Dame was the first ever sex toy startup allowed to crowdfund on Kickstarter. We were intrigued when we heard about their crowd funding endeavors. Dame did not disappoint. Fin is a rechargeable sex toy for couples. Completely coated in silicone, it is safe to use for the most sensitive of users. Use solo or together. Fin allows you to really step up your foreplay routine but it also lets you show your partner exactly where you like to be touched. Put on a performance show your partner your most intimate sweet spots, let them show you theirs. Use during sex, most women do not come strictly through penetration, Dame Fin allows for a caressing clitoral touch during intercourse. Try coming together or come first, Dame Fin will help you rock your world and change your routines.

Have your ever tried sensory deprivation in bed? If you haven’t we encourage you to give it a shot. You can use a simple blindfold, tie, scarf whatever is at hand. One tip, don’t spring this on your partner do discuss and remember you want a safe word, something that you wouldn’t normally use during sex. Once you’ve agreed, let the fantasy begin. When your partner is blindfolded try temperature play, take an ice cube place on sensitive areas like nipples. Or something soft like a feather to tickle and tease your partner. Try an external vibrator to further arouse your partner. Once you both feel ready, yes go for it, have sex while your partner is blindfolded or restrained. Next time switch roles, discuss and broaden your horizons.

We sense that sometimes you want a little more foreplay, more intimacy, more than just straight sex. So set aside some time for the two of you. It could be spontaneous, be mindful and recognize those moments. If you sense your partner wants to be more intimate, then seize the moment, listen and take time for one another. You are worth it. You both are. If you are planning a bit more, try a massage oil like Kama Sutra massage oils. You don’t have to be an expert and it doesn’t have to be a 90 minute massage, leave that one to the professionals. Remember you’re trying to build a sense of closeness. Oil can be a bit messy so through down an old towel or two, you don’t want to be distracted worrying about sheets! Use the oil sparingly, pour some into your hands and rub your hands together to warm the oil. Place your hands gently over your partner’s body. Caress and slowly massage. This isn’t a race, take your time, ask them what feels good, ask them where they want your hands to go next. Be playful, be closer.

There are many ways to start your new year’s with a bang, these are just a few suggestions. You’ll come up with your own ideas, some you’ll try just once and hopefully laugh about it later. Other ideas will become part of your love making repertoire to be enjoyed over and over again!


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