Lovecraft’s Best Sex Toys for 2017

These products have impressed us. You’ve raved about them, we’ve raved about them and if you don’t already know about them…now you will! Take a moment to browse the best sex toys of 2017.

While not a sex toy, Sutil Rich is a water based lube that is a little thicker than average made from all natural ingredients right here in Canada. Sutil Rich Body Glide is paraben free, glycerin free and taste free. For long lasting play Sutil performs like a silicone lubricant but without any silicone, making ideal to use with silicone toys. We love it and think you will too. Sutil Rich will help you enjoy using all your new sex toys even more!

The Titus is a fun, clear glass beaded butt plug. Either end can be inserted; choose between the traditional cone-shaped plug or the fun, bumpy beaded end. Made with borosilicate glass, Glas Titus is super safe and very hygienic.

The Fuze Pleasure Plug 4 is the largest Pleasure Plug in both girth and length. This toy is great for the experienced user who wants a profoundly satisfying sense of fullness. Designed locally, Fuze is just one of those companies that we just love to support.

Verge by We-vibe is a high-quality penis ring that provides intense vibrations for added stimulation during sex. The extended design means that it can be used to stimulate the perineum. If you’ve never try a cock ring before you must! Once you try Verge you’ll be spoiled there’s no going back!

Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch. Dame Fin features an optional tether so you can keep it strapped to your fingers or move it around as you please. Fin is so non threatening and delivers such a lovely vibration you’ll want to make it a regular part of foreplay. Fin is certainly one of the most powerful finger vibrators ever, making this one of our best sex toys of 2017.

Tenga’s Air-Tech toys are designed to let you tailor the tightness of your toy to your preference. Twist the cap at the top to adjust the stimulation from tight to loose with a unique compression system. Tenga has always had such innovative designs thank goodness, they are making more and more reusable masturbators for men.

Aneros’ Synergy Helix has been around awhile, but it seems of late, guys are really getting into prostate play and we think it is worth a second or third mention. The Helix design has the most comfortable fit of any Aneros Prostate sex toy and is a great toy for the man who is new to prostate massage. The undulating curve puts pressure on the prostate while the upward-curving handle puts just the right amount of pressure for the perineum, a double-whammy to create the most intense orgasms. Aneros always delivers the best sex toys and prostate massagers and Synergy is no exception.

This slender dildo by Pipedream features a round tip to ease insertion, a lifelike head for extra thrills and is cleverly curved for g spot arousal. The super strong suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface for hands free pleasure. It is an excellent entry level sex toy in terms of price point but never fear, there is no skimping on your satisfaction.

We just love Bswish’s line of sex toys. Fun colours, easy to use and quality silicone. BDesired Deluxe Curve is arched flawlessly to find your sweet spot or g-spot. If you’ve been curious about your G spot, isn’t now the time to explore your desires?

Finally an affordable remote control toy that actually works! The Bnaughty Classic Unleashed is the perfect classic wireless waterproof bullet massager. This discreet toy boasts 5 vibration settings which can be cycled through with a click of a button on the wireless remote, which lights up for easy play in the dark. Have fun at home or in public, alone or with your partner! The sleek bullet is ideal for all kinds of external stimulation.

So there you have our top ten best sex toys of 2017. Here’s to 2018 and new quality sex toy designs and innovations.

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