Male Masturbation Toys Help Keep You Healthy

There’s more to a good round of self pleasure than the average man might realize. Did you know that the male masturbation toys you can buy right here can even lower blood pressure and relief stress?  Long story short is the masturbation toys for men we sell are healthy and fun in several different ways.

It’s nothing new. Long before our Tenga Egg Twister even hit the market as a great male masturbation toy, the ancient Egyptians practiced it. Even the ancient Greeks thought of male self pleasure as a healthy and important part of life.


In the Womb?

Beyond being healthy, there’s research that has found masturbation starts much earlier in a male’s life then you might have thought. For example, some studies have shown that babies even touch their own genitals while still in the womb.

Overall, the stigma around masturbation toys for men has faded over the years. That’s why our Fleshlight Pink Lady is one of our best sellers. Still while there aren’t really any big taboos about male pleasure that still exist to this day, there are some myths that persist. In the interest of dispelling these rumours, we decided to post a few here.

Guys Do it When They’re Bored  

According to a recent article, this is true and it isn’t. According to the piece, some guys decide to masturbate when they’ve got some time to kill. Others only pleasure themselves when the mood strikes. If you’re out there looking for the best male masturbator as a gift for a guy in your life, there’s no best time to go shopping for it.

Is the Idea of a Ghost Hand Real?

The old myth here is that guys like to sit on their hand until it goes numb so it feels like someone else is actually masturbating them. The experts say that while there are some guys who probably try this, the overall consensus is it’s not a very common practice.

Do Guys Use a Sock?

It’s hard to figure out where these myths come from. However as far as anybody can tell, there’s no secret brotherhood among men that tells them to use a sock for masturbating. It’s all the more reason to take a good look at the male masturbation toys that we have for sale.

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