Meet Forrest Andrews from Aneros

Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field?

A:  While there were no strict prerequisites, they were some things that were helpful for me.  I had a pre-med background as an undergrad and a degree in Biology, which proved to be helpful given that so much of what we do at Aneros bears upon our products being anatomically designed.  Also, one of my long life-long hobbies has been making ceramic items, which made the creation of prototypes in product design a fairly organic process for me. Add to this 25 years marketing experience working with my own company, and I was readily able to help position Aneros products for sale.  

Q: What led you to choose this path?

A:  I began as an Aneros enthusiast in the very early days of the company’s existence.  Initially, I would call in providing them with user feedback. Eventually they asked me to become a tester.  As time went on many of my suggestions made their way into new product design. After many years of this collaboration the owner’s of the company asked me if I wanted to come on board full time.  A lot of it was, as they say, about being the right person, at the right place and time. 

Q: Why do you believe your work is important?

A:  Aneros was originally created as a health product, for the treatment of prostatitis, BPH and Chronic pelvic pain syndrome.  But it was a particular “side-effect”, namely very pleasant sensations and very powerful orgasms, that led to its development as an erotic product.  All these years later, the health element underlies everything we sell as Aneros remains one of the very few sexual devices that feels good and is good for you as well!  


Q: Who are (or were) some of your biggest influences?

A:  Jiro Takashima, the inventor of the Aneros prostate massager.  Mies Van der Rohe, the famed architect who developed the concept of  “less is more”.

Q: What, if anything, has surprised you most, working the field you’re in?

A:  I’d have point to the  transformational effects of Aneros prostate massagers.  Through the use of our products men have uncovered an entirely new capacity within themselves…the ability to have whole-body, multiple orgasms.  For these men, the effects have been nothing short of life-changing. For those with premature ejaculation issues it’s meant orgasmic mastery. For others it’s harder erections and more powerful ejaculations.  And again, for those who have experienced the Super Orgasm a whole new frame of reference when it comes to sexual gratification, one that enables them to go toe to toe with partners.  

Q: What have you learned from this experience, how has it changed you?

A:   Ironically, having been a user, my life was in fact forever altered by the discovery of  Aneros products 17 years ago. The experience of the Super Orgasm set me on a path of inner exploration and discovery that changed the way I related to so many things in life…sensation, pleasure, orgasm, my relationships with others.  Back in the beginning I wrote extensively about these things, helping to create the Aneros forum and later the Aneros WIKI. It was always my hope then that knowledge of this phenomenon would become widespread. I’m delighted to say that all these many years later the message has gotten out there.  I couldn’t be more proud to be working for this company.

Q: What is your favourite piece of advice for people?

A:  Be patient and things will reveal themselves to you.  It’s a Zen thing I suppose, the concept of having passive awareness…and letting things flow.  It’s perhaps the single most important factor involved in becoming multi-orgasmic. Unlike an ejaculation, it’s something that cannot be forced.  

Q: What are you most excited about for this year?

This past summer we introduced the VICE 2 . An electronic version of our Aneros massager with 18 preset vibration patterns, 4 different speeds and a Joy Button that puts interactive control of VICE 2’s  two powerful motors at the user’s fingertips. A terrific feature for users who need that little extra push, just at the right time or for those who want to tap out their own custom vibration pattern.

Forrest Andrews has teamed with Aneros to share the benefits of its patented line of prostate massagers. He was recently featured on the ‘Sex with Emily’ podcast and has also guested on ‘Love and Laughter with Beth’ radio show, Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, and a number of sexual health and wellness podcasts. Forrest’s loyalty and commitment to the Aneros brand began 14 years ago when he was first introduced to their original device. The results were life-changing for him, turning around a decades-old health condition while revealing a powerful new vitality. For the next 13 years, he consulted with the company and was closely involved in the evolution of their products. In 2016, Forrest was hired in an official capacity and promoted to Aneros’ Product and Business Development Manager. A personal advocate of the brand. Forrest very much enjoys his evolving role.

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