Our Picks for Best Natural Lubricants

Depending on where you live in the world it may not feel like spring or maybe it isn’t in your part of the world but everywhere in the world we celebrate Earth Day and in honour of Earth Day, weve picked our top 5 best lubricants. Well 4 lubricants and one lovely new massage lotion or potion from Sutil. Of course it doesn’t just have to be Earth Day to enjoy these sexy lotions.

These new massage oils from Sutil are just so tantalizing. The aromas will set  a mood, the glide will relax and arouse you and your partner. Made with eco friendly ingredients like Ylang ylang, almond oil and jasmin, Sutil Love Potion will satisfy your desire to be sexy and intimate with your lover while doing your part to save the world!

Probe comes in a thick or silky thin version of lubrication. Probe has been a pioneer in terms of a natural ingredient list. You can identity each item on their ingredient list and you don’t need a degree in bio chemistry!

Hathor Aprhodisia is made in Canada and offers a simple solution to anyone who is looking for a long lasting water based lubricant. You’ll find Hathor in Health Food Shops and fine quality Adult Sex Shops.

Intimate Earth Melt will indeed take you to intense pleasure. Yes this is a lubricant, but it is so much more  by warming to include intense natural sensations to your love making session.

Sutil Lubricant also made in Canada, must be our cold winter nights that help us be so natural but frisky! Made by the same folks at Hathor, Sutil just explores what is is to be completely eco friendly. Their container is even bio degradable. Sutil comes in a thick version for those who like a little anal play or just want your lube on the thicker side and of course a thinner version for the most natural of experiences.

And while natural is a nice buzz word, it means nothing if the product doesn’t do its job and the above lubricants and massage glides really do help you last longer, provide comfort and pleasure. We truly couldn’t ask for more from a natural lotion.

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