Blue Bunny Anal Fresh


Anal Fresh is a simple and easy to use anal douche from Blue Bunny.

Blue Bunny Anal Fresh Product Description

Safe, soft and flexible, phthalates and latex free, Blue Bunny is skin-friendly. The principle is very simple: you fill the Anal Fresh with water at a temperature that suits you, then with a simple pressure of the baster the liquid is released. Anal Fresh is designed for rectal hygiene, but also used for vaginal hygiene. By putting some lubricant on the tip, whether water-based or silicone, makes the experience more enjoyable while having as a primary goal, a good hygiene. It is not recommended to use it while in the bath. However Anal Fresh is suggested when sitting on your toilet or in the shower. The capacity of 160ml of Anal Fresh, allows a rapid enema. (If you want a more complete enema, please use Anal Clean with a capacity of 310ml also available by Blue Bunny). Anal Fresh is made of ABS plastic and rubber, they are both phthalate free. Simply rinse with plenty of water and use a soapy antibacterial liquid: this type of soap is available in all erotic shops. Then let stand in a dry place.

The total length of the device is 16cm

  • Made from ABS Plastic & rubber, phthalate free
  • Rinse with water to clean & let air dry
  • The materials used for its manufacturing are of high quality and have no smell
  • It’s flat base allows it to stay upright to avoid spilling


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