Wahl 2 Speed All-Body Massager with Heat

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Wahl is an incredibly durable massager. It began its life as a regular massager and then like the Magic Wand, we discovered how effective the Wahl massager can be on your even more sensitive clitoris or just about anywhere that feels sensitive to you.

Wahl 2 Speed All-Body Massager with Heat Product Description

Wahl’s massager comes with multiple attachments to customize your massage for different parts of your body. Ergonomically designed for complete comfort, with a multi-grip handle. This is a very durable and hard working massager. It remains consistantly popular for women and men.

Electric, 2 speeds, 18 month warranty.

108″ or 274 cm electrical cord for convenience and versatility. Powerful, lightweight and quiet. Two massage intensities; low or high.

Seven attachments include: heat, knuckle, scalp, facial, deep muscle, kneading, and “O Spot” applicator.

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1 review for Wahl 2 Speed All-Body Massager with Heat

  1. valerie

    Its a sad day! I have had my buddy Wahlynda for maybe 30 years or more! but she is no more. Over the years she got new cords on 3 or 4 occasions when the old ones gave up on me. A new switch had to be fitted at one point when the old one became intermittant and sparked. The red print on her casing was all but worn off but she was amaizing. One of the oldschool real Canadian made ones, her quality shon through even if her design was heavy and chunky! I have got every cent I paid for her out in great value for sure. If I said I used her on average once a day it would be an under estimate for sure but even at that she will have been used around 11,000 times! the stunning upshot will be she had me in orgasm over 11,000 times for 10 seconds a throw and that is like over 30 hours of orgasm. I can’t remember what she cost but I guess around $30 so its been $1 per hour of orgasm. Great value? So what eventually killed her? Well last night She became really loud while I was using her and I left her out to be opened up this morning for fixing. Unfortunately a steel 90 degree bracket that holds the massager head and screws to the winding in the motor has sheared through. Metal fatigue I think its called. No way will spares be available for this so its bye bye Wahlynda. So though I am reporting a toy that broke you have to see it as a super one to buy and I fully recommend it.

    • Pam Cameron

      Thank you for your beautiful review of a life long friend…it served you well.

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