Aneros Helix

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The Aneros Helix is aggressively shaped and angled for prostate pleasure and health.

Aneros Helix Product Description

The Aneros Helix provides immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. Aneros Helix requires just a little patience and practice to realize its tremendous benefits. In terms of dimensions, the Helix is larger at the tip (1 1/16″/2.7cm versus 0.9″/2.25cm on the MGX) and more angled to provide a more vigorous massage. However, the mid-ridge is slightly smaller (1/16″/2mm smaller) on the Aneros Helix. Our customers highly recommend this wonderful prostate massager. The thin part at the bottom of the main body of the Aneros Helix is not designed to lock the massager into place. The concept is to encourage movement within the rectum. It is designed to increase mobility of the entire unit, which will not necessarily occur when the unit is locked into place. It is not recommended to move the handle or perineum tab manually. This is a common misconception about the nature of the products. They are designed to be moved internally simply by contracting and releasing various muscles, including the PC, sphincter, and abdominal muscles. Slow and steady wins the race! Aneros Helix is sure to please. designed perfectly for prostate massage, tabs allow for perineium stimulation, hands free.

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1 review for Aneros Helix

  1. Andrew B

    This is a fantastic toy / tool. It’s subtle, comfortable and feels good. You can let it in and enjoy, or you can push the limits and move it around through a couple of techniques. During sex with my girlfriend, it actually helps me last longer. My girlfriend likes it as well, knowing that I’m feeling a pleasure that blows my mind (literally…fireworks in my brain). All men should have one (or more) of these as its comfortable, creates an amazing feeling and is very discrete. Do yourself a favour and get one!

    • Pam Cameron

      Awesome, thanks so much for the feedback, so happy you loved it!

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