Sex Ed

Ever since we opened our sex shop in Toronto way back in the 70’s, we’ve believed in an informed customer and staff. We started with books and now — wow! — there are so many ways to inform and educate. At Lovecraft, we think the brain is actually the sexiest organ. The more you know, the better your sensual experiences will be. On our online sex store you’ll find video reviews on many of the products we feature. Check out our guides for information on how to care for your toys, the differences between lubricants and so much more. Our blog features a variety of topics, all intended to inform and enhance your sex life. And, we still think a book can give you the most thorough information out there, so browse our book selection and let your imagination run wild.

Ever since we opened our sex shop in Toronto way back in the 70’s, we’ve believed in an informed customer and staff. We started with books and now — wow! — there are so many ways to inform and educate. At Lovecraft, we think the brain is actually the sexiest organ. The more you know, the better your sensual experiences will be. On our online sex store you’ll find video reviews on many of the products we feature. Check out our guides for information on how to care for your toys, the differences between lubricants and so much more. Our blog features a variety of topics, all intended to inform and enhance your sex life. And, we still think a book can give you the most thorough information out there, so browse our book selection and let your imagination run wild.

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Discover: The Top Sex Toys for 2021

The kink scene is more popular than ever, and the options out there are endless. No matter what your gender, age, or sexual identity, in 2021, the sex toy industry is booming, and everyone’s looking for a little bit of fun to distract us from those COVID blues.  Whether you’re single and looking for a […]

Time to Focus on Making Memories

Time to Celebrate! It’s time to celebrate! Things have opened up, and we’re slowly coming out of our homes and getting back to normal. But, are we? I don’t know about you, but some of our default “going out” plans have sort of slipped away, and the idea of “date night” seems to lack the […]

Top 3 things you can do every day to bring the heat to your relationship

Now that restrictions are lessening and life begins to look a little more normal, it’s time to check in with your partner. Have you been dating? Have you tried new things together? This month, we’re going to give tips on how to reconnect and spice up your long-term relationship to keep the magic going or […]

How to incorporate toys into your steamy bedroom sessions

This week, we’re highlighting the different toys that you can use during sex! We love these innovative products; they’re perfect for experimentation and trying something new. 1 – We-Vibe We-Vibe has a wide range of unique toys, and you can use them during sex! There are app-controlled toys, suction vibrators and small, ergonomic wands. Check […]

Our Favourite Accessories to Spice up Foreplay

This week, we’re highlighting the importance of foreplay, which we can forget as we get comfortable with long-term partners. Sometimes bringing the spice back is as simple as picking up a new accessory and playing with new sensations. You’ll learn a lot about each other and connect on a new level! 1 – Lubes Lubricants […]

Spicy + fun date night ideas

We’ve put together a couple of our favourite date night ideas that will keep the conversation flowing and have you trying new things! 1 – Outdoor adventures Can’t afford a fancy hotel room? Longing to leave the city? Spend a night in the woods! Cozy up to your partner around a cozy campfire, and snuggle […]

Support Shop Local

This month we are #supportinglocal and spotlighting some of our favourite Canadian brands! We-Vibe We-Vibe, is an adult toy company in Ottawa, Ontario. We-Vibe is an industry specializing in toys for couples and toys controlled through apps. When the founders, Bruce and Melody Murison researched the types of toys out on the market, they learned […]

How to be an LGBTQ2S+ Ally Part 2

What is intersectionality? We touched on several points earlier in the month surrounding how to be a good ally. We now want to pull the focus to the term “intersectionality.” We’ve spoken about it briefly, but we think it’s important to expand on the word for those who may be more unfamiliar. Womankind Worldwide sums […]

How to be an LGBTQ2S+ Ally

As a sex-positive business, we know how vital Pride is for the LGBTQ+ community.   We also know that our business is run from the perspective of a cis-gendered female, meaning we are not here to talk over queer voices. Instead, we’ll use our space to talk about being an ally to the queer community. […]

Intimacy and Sex Aren’t The Same Thing

by Fiona Bennett, Women’s Life Coach, Life Learning Strategies  Is your relationship healthy? One of the ways you might be defining the health of your relationship is by the amount of sex you are having. Early in relationships, couples tend to be pretty “hot and heavy” regularly, and the better the sex, the easier it […]

Sexual Self Care Tips

Sexual Self Care Looks Different for everyone It is difficult to make time just for you, isn’t it? Whether we’re managing our kids Zoom classroom, making a family dinner. Working long hours from home, trying to finish up our course work. Whatever it is, it is always so easy to say…I’ll attend to me later. […]

May is Masturbation Month #2

Getting into sexual self-care tip #2: Masturbate! We are so excited to have an excuse this month to share advice on how to get into some sexual self-care.  Believe it or not, masturbation falls under sexual self-care! Try experimenting with a fun sex toy or vibe this month and learn a little more about what […]

May is Masturbation Month

The month of May is Masturbation Month, and we are using it as the perfect excuse to share tips from bloggers and experts about why sexual self-care is so important and how they incorporate it into their routines! What is sexual self-care? Much like unwinding from a long week by practicing intentional habits meant to […]

Rabbit Fun Facts

The Rabbit vibrator was invented in 1983 and was made to look like a rabbit because Japanese manufacturers weren’t actually allowed to make vibrators. By 1983, Lovecraft was 11 years in business and the Rabbit was quite the revelation. Fun and playful, not really phallic and designed for a woman’s pleasure. We knew we had […]

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions When The World Has Gone Haywire

The beginning of the new year represents a fresh start for many people. It’s a good time to look back on where you’ve been and look forward to where you’re going. The start of a new year is a great time to dump those bad habits and pick up some new, better ones. People have […]

Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot when it’s Cool Outside Part 1

2020 has been quite a year, like never before. Experiences that affect us all collectively. Every decision we make for ourselves might actually and profoundly affect people we love and even people we don’t! If ever the phrase “we’re in this together”, was more true…I can’t think of when that might have been. It’s been […]

Halloween Ideas when you have to stay inside!

This might be the weirdest Halloween yet! There is a lot of tension in the air. We’re waiting for an election to finish that seems to affect the entire world! We wear masks everywhere we go and not just for Halloween! Every decision we make might affect us and someone else…wow, that’s a lot! It […]

It’s the Most Powerful Cock ring on the Market

Not all vibrating cock rings are created equal. The Hot Octopuss Atom Plus is a special vibrating cock ring created to satisfy both the wearer and the partner. ⠀ ⠀ This toy is meant to be worn around the balls and shaft. Make sure you install it BEFORE you get too excited, in three simple steps […]

6 ways to play with your Gigi

When you buy a Gigi, the return on your investment with provide multiple forms of priceless pleasures. Here are 6 ways to play with your Gigi and get you started: 1. G spot stimulator. The curved shape and flat head are perfect to stimulate the g-spot. 2. External stimulator Why used one toy when you […]

BDSM Tips & Techniques #2

OK so now, you’ve had a discussion with your partner and have agreed to give BDSM a try…good for you. Now what? Terminology What exactly does BDSM mean? Is it the same thing as kink, dominance, fantasy role play…well it could be and often is. Role play can simply be the naughty plumber scenario or […]

BDSM Tips & Techniques #1

It’s summer, we’ve been home a long time! We’ve experimented with sex toys, new lube and perhaps an intimate massage for two…now what? Why not experiment with a little BDSM play? You know you want to, so let’s make this your summer project! This could be your first time or your 20th time of trying […]

When you can’t leave the house, but you’re feeling horny

I was debating sexual tension, but horny kind of just sums it up, doesn’t it. We’re not all so fortunate to live with our sexual partners and it might just have been awhile since you’ve been together. We have a couple of suggestion to get your groove back. Shop Together Online Pick a quality website, […]

When you have a long weekend and you can’t go anywhere!

I know, I keep saying these are unprecedented times but they are and it can’t be said enough. We’re doing our very tiny part and encouraging you to stay home for this long weekend. So what to do what to do? Well, in Canada, the May 24 weekend is traditionally the beginning of our home […]

Masturbation Facts that you might not know

We’re worldly, aren’t we? Sure, but do we know everything there is to know about masturbation? Do we even talk about it with our sexual partners? For some yes and for some no…so here we go, let’s talk about masturbation. Both humans and animals masturbate. Makes sense doesn’t it? It feels good, so why not. […]

As If We Need An Excuse: May is Masturbation Month

May became known as Masturbation Month as  originally it began as a way to protect and celebrate the right to masturbate. The first National Masturbation Day was observed May 7, 1995, after  retailer Good Vibrations in California declared the day in honor of  Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired in 1994 by President Clinton […]

Best Solo Sex Toys for Women

When you just can’t leave the house…Remember you can still order online…at least while supplies last! Our suppliers are working very diligently and safely to fill orders. We’re thinking of them and all our front line folks from your retail clerk cashing out your groceries to our ER nurses, doctors, and all the hospital staff […]

Best Solo Sex Toys for Men

When you just can’t leave the house…Remember you can still order online…at least while supplies last! Many of our sex toy manufacturers are based in California and California as a State is struggling. We wish them well and we’re thinking of you during this very difficult time. For those of us working from home, not […]

Sex is Not Cancelled

Social distancing doesn’t mean no sex. It means distance sex. All you need is a bit of creativity. These are strange times that we are living in. I would not have thought that I would be writing about having long distance sex as a kind safe sex. To be honest, I used to think about it […]

How to Orgasm

Some women might want to orgasm through penetration…. but most will not. Most women will orgasm through clitoral stimulation. So it seems clear to us that when having sex with a partner, pay attention to the clitoris! In a recent study only 18% of American women can orgasm through penetration alone. Studies have shown that […]

Foreplay Tips

We get it, life is so darn busy…but you and your partner are worth some time and attention. Use these foreplay tips to add some spice and dimension to your foreplay repetoire. Yes/No/Maybe? If you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life, downloading a “yes/no/maybe” list from the Internet is a great way […]

Stretch Marks: How do we change our Narrative?

Stretch marks can impact your confidence. We’re not saying it is easy, but you can change your narrative, your story about you. One of the most difficult things is for us to feel comfortable in our own skin. We tend to be critical of ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never say […]

Best Couples Apps for your Phone

Apps are not just for finding a partner. There are also apps for couples to help improve their relationships. Would you use an app with your SO? Here are the top 5 apps for couples in 2020. 1. Between  Between is a messenger just for two where you can use free emoticons and GIF selfies to […]

Sexy Valentine’s Date Ideas

What are you planning to do for Valentine’s day this year? Flowers and chocolate? Why not do something a little more exciting this time around. Not sure what to do to spice things up for Valentine’s day? We’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas you could use on their own or in combinations, depending […]

Best Clitoral Sex Toys for 2020

Paying attention to your clitoris seems like a no-brainer when it come to darn fine sex. But we must admit it has taken the sex toy industry awhile to catch up. There are a multitude of multi-purpose sex toys for everyone, but sex toys just for your clitoris…well, that is a trend, who’s time has […]

What are your sex resolutions for 2020?

How’s your sex life? When we sent out our survey last year, many of you commented that your sex life was not as good as you’d like it to be. It doesn’t have to be that way if you take the time to reflect on what works, what doesn’t work and do something about it. […]

Year in Review: Most Popular Sex Toys for Women

It is getting to be that time of year again, when we reflect on the year that was and we think about our most popular products. This week we’re discussing our popular sex toys for women. Your curiosity intrigues us and we listen to you. Thank you for your product reviews and thank you for […]

Year in Review: Our Most Popular Sex Toys for Men

It is getting to be that time of year again, when we reflect on the year that was and we think about our most popular products. This week we’re discussing our popular sex toys for men. Your curiosity intrigues us and we listen to you. Thank you for your product reviews and thank you for […]

Year in Review: Our Most Popular Products for Couples

It is getting to be that time of year again, when we reflect on the year that was and we think about our most popular products. This week we’re discussing our popular products for couples. Your curiosity intrigues us and we listen to you. Thank you for your product reviews and thank you for asking […]

Self Care for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? For some of us it is Thanksgiving day and for others it’s just another Thursday. It seems that almost the world over, we’ve adopted the trend of Black Friday. I recently saw posts for this on a European site. Maybe you’ve seen others? The […]

Meet Forrest Andrews from Aneros

Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field? A:  While there were no strict prerequisites, they were some things that were helpful for me.  I had a pre-med background as an undergrad and a degree in Biology, which proved to be helpful given that so much of what we […]

Movember is more than Just a Mo!

November marks the beginning of Movember. This movement has grown from an awareness campaign about prostate cancer to include awareness of Testicular Cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. Let’s Beat the Odds! 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Those odds are staggering. But there are many ways to beat those […]

How do I keep passion alive?

The comfort of a long term relationship is something special, but it should not be taken for granted. Keeping passion alive in your relationship can be a challenge. It is natural for relationships to have ups and downs. There are stresses in life and stages in life where you as a couple take a back […]

Adding Adventure into your Sex Life

Sometimes you run out of ideas. Sometimes you like it a little spicier. Sometimes you want to add more adventure into your sex life. Sometimes you just want to shake it up. Sometimes you want to try something new or different, so why not now? It’s not so difficult, you just have to trust each […]

Sex & University: What You Need to Know

You are a few weeks in now. First time away from home and wow, you might just be 18 or 19 years old. I know, I know, you feel like you know a lot and then in a flash…you feel like what the hell am I doing here?! Most of us have been there, so […]

How do I Use Sex Toys? For Her

Awesome, you’ve made your first sex toy purchase! Or you are just about to…and you are wondering exactly what am I going to do with this sex toy when I have it? How do I use my sex toy? Not to worry, if you just used your instincts and a bit of trial and error, […]

How do I Use Sex Toys? For Him

So you’ve purchase sex toy for men? Good for you! And now you’re wondering, how exactly do I use this sex toy for men? It can be a bit daunting and sometimes there is just not enough information provided with the sex toy. Well not to worry, there really aren’t too many rules and essentially […]

Ask Pam: Spicing Up a Long Term Relationship

We have started a new segment called Ask Pam. This is where you can email me and ask me questions. Crazy right?! Often your questions are about sex toys, best lubricants or maybe sex positions…after so many years in my field, I have a fair amount of experience and opinions to share. One questions that […]

Best Tips for Oral Sex

Oral Sex is all about foreplay and anticipation. As with most things in life, communication is key. For most women, clitoral attention is essential to orgasm. You probably have a few techniques that are your go to efforts and they do the trick. But why not try something different every once in awhile. This effort […]

Best Bachelorette Gift Ideas

There are seasons in life when we have too much of a good thing. One such season is Bachelorette season. When I was a bit younger, it seemed like I was going to a ton of weddings, bridal showers and so forth and while they are special; they can take themselves a little too seriously. […]


It is summer and it is time to play, time to have fun and definitely time to rev up your sex life! BDSM play ticks all those sexy boxes. Quick background, what does BDSM actually stand for? B is for Bondage. D is Domination. S is for Sadism and M is for Masochism. You might […]


A lubricant with a bold name, FuckWater is long lasting and never dries sticky.

Fuze Pleasure Plugs

The slight taper allows this toy to go in easily, while the narrow neck at the base ensures that it will stay securely in place during play.

Jo Agape for Women

Jo for Women is formulated especially for women to enhance the female sense of pleasure.

Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream

A milder “fire and ice” lotion for couples.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfy your curiosity and find out exactly what clitoral suction is all about.

Screaming O O Hare Cock Ring

A stretchy vibrating cock ring with oscillating bunny ears.

Blush Mini Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet Mini is a must have for your toy collection, and is perfect purchase for the first time toy user.

Sex & Mischief Restraint Tape

Safely secures hands, arms, legs and other body parts with Sportsheets Restraint Wrap.

Sex & Mischief Blindfold

A satin blindfold to titillate your lover.

Shunga Massage Candle

An aromatic candle that melts into a sensual massage oil.

Kama Sutra Massage Oils

Kama Sutra massage oils are lightly scented with aromas that you cannot resist!

Earthy Body Massage Oil

A massage oil made with natural oils including hemp seed and sweet almond oil.

Shunga Organica Massage Oil

Sensual and Organic massage oil.

Sutil Massage Oil

Sexy and erotic and natural, everything you could desire in a massage oil.

Kama Sutra Bathing Gel

Kama Sutra bathing gel offers a sensual alternative to bar soap for the bath or shower, as it cools and tingles with the refreshing scent of mint. Dive into the ocean with Ocean Blu or add a little spice to your life with wild clove.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

A powerful, oscillating clitoral stimulator by Hot Octopuss. Rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Rocks-Off RO 80 Bullet

Rocks-Off RO 80 is a powerful mini vibrator, and is the same vibrator that powers the Rude Boy & Naughty Boy.

Lelo Sona

A powerful clitoral massager that uses sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris.

We-Vibe Ditto

A high-quality, rechargeable silicone vibrating butt plug by We-Vibe. Connects to the We-Connect app so you can control it from anywhere in the world!

CalExotics Butterfly Kiss Silicone

Good news! Now our popular California Exotic Butterfly Kiss is available in silicone.

BSwish Deluxe Pearl

A fun, bumpy silicone vibrator by Bswish.

BSwish BGee Classic

The angled head on this slender 7″ massager makes it an ideal toy for finding the g-spot.

Blush Miguel

A soft and flexible realistic vibrator.

Blush Silver Power Bullet

Yes, this is the classic, often-asked-about silver bullet. Blush has revisited this standard and made it even better. The dial offers multiple speeds to help you control every second of vibration.

Tantus Silk Small

Tantus Silk Small with its flared base is the perfect choice for a dildo or to use with a universal harness.

Fleshlight Go Surge

Fleshlight Go is the point guard of the Fleshlight all-star team. This compact male masturbator is lighter, shorter and more discreet than the original, making it easier than ever to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand.

Sutil Luxe & Sutil Rich

For luxurious long lasting glide and silky pleasure. Made with the finest Botanical Eco-Certified ingredients.

Rocks-Off Torex

Rocks-Off Torex vibe provides precision p-spot massage and lots of powerful vibration.

Fuze the Pace

A reversible silicone prostate massager that can be combined with a bullet vibrator for the ultimate pleasurable prostate experience.

Stud 100

Unscented male genital desensitizer.

Screaming O Bullet

Satisfy your craving with the Screaming O 3 Speed & Pulse Bullet, featuring a sleek soft-coat surface that glides across the skin like silk.

Screaming O Two-O

Screaming O Two-O is the same as the Screaming O vibrator ring, but with an additional motor designed to provide maximum vibration for both partners.

Tenga Sleeves

Handy, disposable stroker toy for men by Tenga.

Apollo Power Pump

A penis pump with automatic pressure control.

Dillio Mr. Smooth

Each Dillio features a super-strong, suction cup base that sticks to nearly any flat surface for wallbanging fun, and is also strap-on harness compatible.

Berman Dialtor Set

Whether you struggle with discomfort during intercourse, sexual anxiety, or simply want to work on your pelvic floor strength, the Berman Dilator Set has everything you need to train your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor to increase pleasure in your sex life.

Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint System

Turn your bed into your bondage playground with the Bed Bondage Kit! This complete bondage system fits under and around your mattress, so you don’t need any bed posts to tie your lover up.

Announcing our contest Winner

Ange won 365 condoms, that’s enough condoms to last an entire year!

The Always popular Pocket Rocket

Learn a little more about one of the most popular sex toys.

Inspire Dilators

Learn more about using Inspire Dilators for your sexual health and wellness.

Tantus & Aslan, a perfect combination

Dare we say it a perfect combination, a flared based silicone dildo with a universal harness, perfection

Black Cherry G Spot Orgasm

Learn more about how to achieve a G Spot Orgasm!

We-Vibe Nova

The ultimate in dual pleasure! Learn more about We-Vibe Nova, internal and clitoral stimulation. The best sex toy for her!

We-Vibe Verge

Learn more about a fantastic couple penis ring from We-Vibe


Learn a little more about Fleshlight and male masturbators.

Wet Together Lubricants

Learn more about how much fun you can have with foreplay and lubricants from Wet!

Gossip Blair

Perfect for the G spot, learn more about Gossip Blair

Aneros Helix Synergy

Learn more about the famous Aneros and best prostate massager Helix Synergy

Stocking Stuffers We-Vibe Jive

We-Vibe always comes up with such innovative designs and Jive is no exception. Designed for maximum g-spot stimulation, Jive can be used hands free once inserted because naturally it has an app! Play together or solo and discover the intense pleasure of g-spot stimulation.

Stocking Stuffers Queen Bee

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is actually quite discreet and rather looks like a microphone. Queen Bee works with oscillation so provides a different kind of pleasure and sensation for her. But don’t be surprised if he tries it too!

Stocking Stuffer 7

On the other end of the spectrum is Hot Octopuss’s Pulse 3 Solo. This unique and wonderful sex toy for men offers a different kind of sensation. It doesn’t vibrate but oscillates. The cool thing is you can use it erect or not. Sometimes you need a little help to get started and the Pulse […]

Stocking Stuffers #6

When we were at a sex show recently, the big hit of the show was the Tenga Egg. It is a masturbation sleeve for men. It is quite stretchy to fit over any penis size. It comes with it’s very own lubricant and each egg has a different texture for your guy to experience more […]

Stocking Stuffers #5

  Sex & Mischief Restraint Wrap lets you restrain one another. The tape sticks to itself, not you so you have only the sensations you desire, only the pain you allow. There is something very alluring about letting go and letting the other take charge.

Stocking Stuffers #2 Kama Sutra Bathing Gel

We hear you, you have busy stressful lives. It is difficult to find time alone, but we do encourage you to make time for each other, relationships take effort but you are worth it. Try relaxing together in Kama Sutra’s Luxury bathing gels. Available in 3 scents, Ocean Blu, Mint Tree and Wild Clove. Use […]

Why We Need Pride

You may have heard about yet another proposed “straight pride parade” proposed for August in Boston? Responses are making the rounds on Twitter, late night television, You Tube and so forth. On their Facebook page, this is why they feel they need a “straight pride parade”, “straight people are an oppressed majority. We will fight […]

Meet Metis Black from Tantus

Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field? A:  When I was pregnant seeing a midwife, I wanted so much to be a part of that field and I started studying midwifery. My midwife was the first CAM (California Association of Midwifes) President, but this was before that, this […]

May is Masturbation Month

By now, you’ve probably heard, May is Masturbation Month. And you might be wondering why? Or how did this come about. It isn’t actually a convenient reason to buy more sex toys or just to spend so much more time on solo play. While, those are darn fine reasons to spend a night in…we believe […]

Ann Williams from Astroglide Australia

Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field? A: I did a Bachelor of Business Degree, Major in Marketing Q: What led you to choose this path? A: I started in the IT industry, specialising in Retail and Supply Chain, then semi retired ten years ago and started Astroglide […]

Why You Should Use Sex Toys

Quite simply, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing really, you might say meh, not for me or you might just say WOW let’s try this again! There seems to be a taboo around sex toys, that in spite of really becoming more mainstream…sex toys can’t quite lose some stigma. Sex Toys Enhance […]

If Vibration isn’t your thing…What do you choose?

Not all of us are into vibration. Vibration is kind of like penetrative sex, for some that is the only kind of sex . We’re here to tell you that there are so many ways to enhance your sexual experience when you want to try something different. Sex is pretty much having an intimate experience […]

In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

There is an expression that you may have heard your mother or your grandmother use when talking about this month of March.  It is: “in like a lion, out like a lamb”.  As far as I can tell, what it means is that if the month starts out with wicked cold and storms and generally extreme conditions you can […]

Sex & Disability: Let’s talk about it

Did you know that very many disabled people like sex? You like sex and I like sex, so why wouldn’t a disabled person like sex? And it’s not just sex…there is an intimacy that comes with sex. Intimacy with a partner can come with sex, that you can’t really get in any other way. Society […]

Balance For Better

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #balanceforbetter and we love this idea. Some would say hey you can vote, isn’t that what this is about? Way back in my university days, I remember a young woman, who felt we didn’t need feminism or any more attention to gender equality issues because we already […]

Ways to Give Her Pleasure

In this busy world where we are constantly distracted by devices, obligation, work…oh just life in general….we do have to stop every once in awhile and take time for each other. Devoting yourself to her pleasure will confirm that you are into her.  Her needs and desires are important and every once in a while…yes, […]

Fun Sex Toys for a Weekend Getaway

Often when we get away for a weekend, we want to shake up our routines, try something different. May we recommend trying  a new sex toy and a bit of friendly bondage? When planning a romantic weekend there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t drive too far, two hours max…you want to […]

Discover The Gift Of Self-Love

Physical Body We all have a physical body.  It is the form that houses your flesh and bones, your organs, your blood and guts.  It holds the brain that processes your sensory input and your mind that makes sense of the data and allows you to interpret it into your perception of an experience.  We […]

Best Beginner Sex Toys-Men

Guys, sex toys have really come a long way for you! Let’s face it, sex toys for men or women have come a really long way. There have been vast improvements in terms of materials, quality and especially design. And guys, you actually are using sex toys now. You are not alone, many of you […]

Best Beginner Sex Toys for Women

There is so much choice in the world of sex toys; where do you begin? There is also a new sex toy being introduced every week, so do you choose what’s best for you? Generally we’d say keep it simple to start. This allows you to explore and discover what you like best. We also […]

Foreplay Tips

If we could just take a moment to discuss feedback we get from our customers…we’d say one common desire is more FOREPLAY. Take your time, this is worth it. We know…you are busy, you are stressed but isn’t it worth it to connect with your partner? We think so and we’ve got a few ideas […]

How to Introduce Sex Toys to your Relationship

You are in a long term relationship or longish relationship…the sex is hot and satisfying, so you might be thinking if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…true, but truly do you just like one flavour of ice cream, do you really own just one pair of shoes or do you always go to the same […]

Sexiest Stuff for Oral Sex

You know they like it, when you go down on them. Of course they do, it is very intimate, vulnerable, trusting, erotic and oh so pleasurable. Why not offer even more sensation with these specially selected products sure to give them the ultimate oral sex experience. Trustex Flavoured Condoms These simple and inexpensive condoms can […]

Sexy Highlights of 2018

Well it is that time of year isn’t it…a time to reflect, to look forward, to assess, and to start those resolutions or as I prefer to call them intentions. This article is all about the highlights of 2018, the highs and lows in our world of sex toys. There are algorithms (and people) that […]

Top 5 Best Sexy Gifts for Him

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…do you know who is really embracing sex toys? We do…sex toys for men is one of our growing (pardon the pun) markets. Guys have discovered that sex toys for him are so much fun and truly they have come a very long way from blow […]

Best Sexy Gift Ideas for Her

There is a lot of pressure during the holiday season to pick the perfect gift for her. You want it to be thoughtful; you want her to feel you’ve listened and you want her to feel like she’s really special and she deserves time just for her. Sex toys really send this message. They are […]

Top 5 Sexy Picks for Couples During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again…Hollywood award show season…well yes, but I was thinking of something I think we can all relate to…gift giving season. We are all so wrapped up (get it) in giving to others, we sometimes forget about the most important combination, each other. We have to give and make time […]

Educate Yourself on World AIDS Day

December 1st is the International Day of AIDS ( Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) awareness and remembrance.  People worldwide will wear a red ribbon as a symbol of their awareness and remembrance of those who are suffering with the illness and who have died of AIDS.  The colour red was chosen for its “‘connection to blood and […]

Best Sex Toys on a Budget

When first trying out a sex toy, you may not want to invest a lot. You might feel unsure. You might just not have the budget and that’s okay. You can for sure find good quality sex toys on a budget. A couple of things to keep in mind if the price seems like wow, […]

How to Improve Communication Between Your Partner and Yourself

Communication is very important in a relationship.  However, it tends to wane over time, and especially when there are children that seem to monopolize your time and energy. And it’s not just kids, work, parents, meetings can all put a damper to your relationship. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the importance […]

Recovery from MtF Gender Confirmation Surgery

My daughter, underwent MtF Gender Confirmation Surgery, and so I’ve witnessed first-hand how difficult the recovery process is after that surgery.  Unfortunately, my daughter had a really rough time hours after the surgery due to her motor tics from Tourette Syndrome.  She needed to rest and stay still, but couldn’t and so needed several dressing […]

1998 Sex Education Curriculum Denies Human Rights

Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford is denying people their human rights by bringing back the 1998 Sex Ed curriculum.  His excuse that the 2015 Sex Ed curriculum didn’t consult with parents is false.  Not only were “4,000 parents” consulted, but also “2,400 educators, 700 students, and 170 organizations including CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental […]

Spicing up Vanilla Sex

  Wait For It Need to shake up your routine of vanilla sex? It’s easy to fall into a routine of quick intercourse, when life gets busy and you and your partner are too tired. However, if you take a little time to work on adding some spice to your sex it’s well worth it; […]

Why Sex Toys for Women are a Healthy Choice

It used to be someone who had sex toys for women kept her dildos, dilators, vibrators and g-spot vibrators in a discrete secret location. Thankfully, those days have changed and our attitudes about self pleasure are much more open-minded today. We have more research and understanding of the health benefits of sex toys in our […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Anal Sex

OK so to be clear, we’re talking anal sex and anal sex toys….and you ask, what are you saying…OK so in this article, we’re discussing anal sex not toys designed for prostate play. The prostate deserves its own article, probably more than one. Now that we’re clear on that…our customers seem to be darn curious […]

Top Picks for Pride Month

We love Pride. We love the idea of honouring, remembering and celebrating people. We also believe you are able to celebrate your desires in oh so many ways. Pride Month is a time to also have a little fun and we can help with our top picks for Pride Month. GI Jack Penis Pump A […]

Being an LGBTQ Ally

My journey of being an Ally started early in life when in public school, I lectured a boy throwing stones at seagulls on how those gulls had a right to exist and live peacefully. I think I was shocked and so was he; this quiet girl was standing up for birds! But let me tell […]

The History of our Shinto Shrine

Way back in the mid 70’s, the original owners of Lovecraft were approached by a New York Art Gallery, who specialized in erotic art work from all over the world, to purchase their collection. The New York Gallery was closing their doors. Anne and Mary agreed to purchase the entire erotic art work collection. Pieces […]

Best Lubricants: Masturbation for Men

So whether you are giving yourself a hand-job, using a masturbation sleeve or a vibrator; there is one absolute essential accessory and that is lubrication. Spit really just doesn’t cut it…don’t believe those porn movies, you can have so much more glide with lubricant. Masturbation is awesome! Let’s just get that out of the way. […]

How do I use my G-Spot Toy?

Many of our customers express interest in finding their rather elusive G-Spot. And may we say once you experience a G-Spot orgasm, you’ll know why? How do I find my G-Spot and how do I use my G-Spot sex toy are two of our most asked questions. So if you’ve wondered about this, you’re not […]

Our Picks for Best Natural Lubricants

Depending on where you live in the world it may not feel like spring or maybe it isn’t in your part of the world but everywhere in the world we celebrate Earth Day and in honour of Earth Day, weve picked our top 5 best lubricants. Well 4 lubricants and one lovely new massage lotion […]

About Saying Goodbye & Hello

As some of you know, if you subscribe to our newsletter or visit our bricks and mortar sexshop on occasion, we’re taking the plunge to exclusively online shopping. This decision did not come lightly; we carefully considered our options. Do we let our Mississauga sex shop go and move back to Toronto? But where in […]

An Interview with, Samantha Fraser, Playground Conference Founder

Samantha Fraser is a life coach and happiness consultant, sex educator, producer, and author of Not Your Mother’s Playground: a realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy, open relationships. We asked her a few questions about her work. Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field? A: I come […]

Finding the Right Online Sex Store

Finding the right online sex store doesn’t need to be intimidating or daunting. It’s important to keep in mind that visiting these stores is a great way to browse through products from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Here’s a few things that you can do to narrow down your choices when it […]

Meaningful Ways to say “I love You”

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ~ Sarah Dessen Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and with it comes a bit of added pressure but hey you’ve got this. If you are fortunate to be with someone special, you’re […]

Lovecraft’s Top Picks for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is coming sooner than you think. We recognize that you might feel a little pressure to step up your game on this day in terms of gift giving. Flowers, perfume, chocolate while classics, may we suggest something a little more daring, something to take your sex life to new highs and experiences. All […]

How to Achieve Better Sex this Year

Way back on January 1st, you might have told yourself “yes, this is the year to improve your sexlife” and now a little more than half way into January, that ambitious goal seems a distant memory. We hope not, but if it is, we have a few helpful hints for you to have better sex […]

What to Expect When Shopping Online at a Sexshop

Here’s a few things to remember when you shopping at an online sex shop. Shopping for sex aids or more commonly sex toys from an online sex shop can be a confusing and daunting experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for and how to go about finding it. Understanding a bit about your […]

Our Interview with Rebecca Rosenblat, Sex Educator

Rebecca Rosenblat is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Sex Addiction & Trauma Counselor, Sex Therapist, and Life Coach, critically acclaimed as one of Canada’s leading relationship & sexuality experts. We asked her a few questions about her career. — Q: What did you have to study or learn to get into this field? A: I trained […]

Lovecraft’s Best Sex Toys for 2017

These products have impressed us. You’ve raved about them, we’ve raved about them and if you don’t already know about them…now you will! Take a moment to browse the best sex toys of 2017. While not a sex toy, Sutil Rich is a water based lube that is a little thicker than average made from […]

How to be a little more adventurous this New Year!

You know you want to shake up your routines. The New Year seems to demand it. And when you think about it a while, it is a great time to reflect and vision what you want for the new year. This is an opportunity to think about the past year, what’s gone right? What did […]

Why Sex Toys for Women are a Healthy Choice

It used to be someone who had sex toys for women kept her dildos, dilators, vibrators and g-spot vibrators in a discrete secret location. Thankfully, those days have changed and our attitudes about self pleasure are much more open-minded today. We have more research and understanding of the health benefits of sex toys in our […]

Top 10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers Part 2

OK so you’ve considered some stocking stuffers just for couples but what if you just to give a sex toy to your partner no strings attached? This is yours to do with as you please, play and tantalize yourself but can I watch? Well, yes, there is always room for negotiation where everyone wins! This […]

Top 10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Yes, we know, tis the season of gift giving and pulling out your hair! We’re here to make your life easier with some excellent sexy gift ideas for your significant other. Consider these gifts a private love note to each other. This is your opportunity to say I hear you, I see you and I […]

Top 5 Picks for Strap-On Play

Maybe you’re a novice to strap-on play, maybe you’re a pro; it is all good and know that we have to start somewhere. It is great to be curious or simply want to try something new. People use harnesses for all sorts of reasons, sometimes practical for erectile dysfunction but in this guide we’re going […]

What are libido boosters, and are they really effective?

Your libido is your sex drive, plain and simple. Technically, it’s a combination of testosterone and dopamine (your sex hormones) that fuel you when you’re feelin’ good. Low levels of testosterone (in anyone, regardless of gender) can lead to a low sex drive. Problems with sex drives affect more than 1 in 3 couples at […]

Male Masturbation Toys Help Keep You Healthy

There’s more to a good round of self pleasure than the average man might realize. Did you know that the male masturbation toys you can buy right here can even lower blood pressure and relief stress?  Long story short is the masturbation toys for men we sell are healthy and fun in several different ways. […]

Feel Sexy & Confident Everyday

At this time of the year, it seems everywhere you turn you’ll find a sexy Halloween costume, online, special Halloween shops, sexshops all promising you a sexy night out or in! If ever you wanted embrace a cliche, now is your chance. You can be a sexy nurse, sexy firefighter or sexy cop. I mean […]

First Toy for Women

So, it’s your first time looking for a toy. Whether it’s been recommended to you by a friend, lover, or you’re just trying something new, it can be a little intimidating to dive into the So, it’s your first time looking for a toyworld of sex toys – there are SO many options out there. […]

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) are chemicals that can make products (usually plastics) softer and more flexible. They are sometimes called plasticizers. When exposed to Phthalates over long periods of time, they could be a cancer risk. Phthalates often have a strong odour that is present on or in products. Phthalates are used in a range of […]

The Little Book Of The Big Orgasm

More techniques & games for amazing orgasms than you could possibly imagine trying. “The Little Book of the Big Orgasm” is your guide to taking your climax from ordinary to “oh-YES!” Whether you’re looking to intensify your orgasms or have more of a good thing, you’ll learn techniques for bringing you and your partner to […]

Sex After 50

As we get older, it becomes more important that we start discovering or reclaiming our sexuality. Whoever started the myth that women can’t keep enjoying themselves after the meager age of fifty? This is absolutely false. As we get older, it is essential that we work at being fit emotionally, mentally and physically, as well […]

Doc Johnson Double Penetrator Spot

When you are feeling adventurous, why not try Doc Johnson Double Penetrator

What can I do about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is basically the inability to get and/or keep an erection firm enough for sex. Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. It is a pretty normal part of life. But if ED is an ongoing issue; it can cause stress, affect your self-confidence and contribute […]

Penthouse Uncensored Volume III: Letters To America’s Hottest Magazine

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading letters to Penthouse, you will be excited by this double volume of Penthouse Uncensored. Exploring everything from exhibitionism and voyeurism to partner swapping, this best seller is over 500 pages of erotica in classic Penthouse style. (Formerly published as letters to Penthouse VII & VIII) By various authors, 613pp, 5 […]

Red Hot Touch: A Head-To-Toe Handbook For Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Everyone deserves a happy ending, so go on, give me a hand. Your hands can play a piano concerto, perform surgery, juggle and give your partner mind-blowing pleasure. If you’re not using your hands to their fullest potential during sex, you are depriving your partner of untold bliss. It’s time to learn how to use […]

Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget

Learn about ingenious positions and techniques that will blow his mind. Spectacular Sex requires great technique, red-hot seduction, and crazy twists on positions, props and setting. “Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget” gets sex out of the bedroom and onto the chandelier, under the table, into the car, and on the slide. Each of the […]

The Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide To Going Down

Master the art of going down and he’ll be yours forever! Sexpert author Yvonne K. Fulbright gets real in this bold book on giving oral sex. With this, hands on guide, you’ll be confident enough to take charge of his pleasure and yours when you learn: breathing techniques to last longer, positions he’ll love like […]

The Best Oral Sex Ever: His Guide To Going Down

Master the art of oral pleasure for sizzling sex she’ll never forget. Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright exposes the facts and fantastic tricks oral sex aficionados live by in her brazen how-to for men. “His Guide” gives you the tools you need to thrill her every night including: making cunnilingus the goal, how to overcome any […]

The Lowdown On Going Down: How To Give Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

Keep her coming back for more… It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to performing oral sex, most people fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless. But now, in The Lowdown on Going Down you’ll find practical, easy-to-master techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become an expert in […]

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: How Couples Can Dramatically Enhance Their Pleasure, Intimacy, And Health

This fully illustrated guide will inspire couples to make love all night – and make love last a lifetime. A complementary book to the Multi-Orgasmic Man. The bestselling authors of the Multi-Orgasmic Man show you and your partner how to: Experience intense multiple whole-body orgasms Pleasure each other profoundly Use sexuality for health and healing […]

The Multi-Orgasmic Man: How Any Man Can Experience Multiple Orgasms And Dramatically Enhance His Sexual Relationship

The original book for men who want to be multi orgasmic and their partners who want to help them. By learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation two distinct physical processes men can transform the momentary release of ejaculation into countless peaks of whole body orgasm. Men who experience multiple orgasms by avoiding fatigue and depletion […]

The New Love And Sex After 60

Life can be rich and full at any age. You may be getting older, but love and sex are still a vital part of your life. Here is the book that speaks to your concerns about sex beyond the middle years. Two leading experts have completely updated and revised the classic guide on the subject […]

The Ultimate Guide To Fellatio: How To Go Down On A Man And Give Him Mind Blowing Pleasure

The complete step by step guide to fellatio for men and women! You’ll learn: how to introduce fellatio into your sexual repertoire, male anatomy, how to keep your lipstick perfect, how to deep throat, helpful tips on preparation and hygiene?including putting a condom on with your mouth, building trust, countless positions, tips and tricks. By […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: how to go down on a woman and give her exquisite pleasure

The complete step by step guide to cunnilingus for women and men! You’ll learn: how to introduce cunnilingus into your sexual repertoire, how to negotiate oral sex with a reluctant partner, about a woman’s anatomy and what to do with it, techniques for mind blowing orgasms, helpful hints on preparation and hygiene and building trust. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men

From the publishers of the best-selling The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women comes a companion book specifically for men. It’s a sexy, fun-to-read guide to anal sex for men, offering comprehensive information on all aspects of anal play: For all men, heterosexual, gay, bisexual who want to learn how to enjoy anal sex, […]

What is Vaginal Atrophy

This is a subject we often would prefer if we never spoke of it, EVER and yet if we had a more open dialogue we’d be so much further ahead. As we get older and for a variety of other reasons, intercourse can become painful; this may be due to a condition known as Vaginal […]

What are Kegel Exercises

Have you heard of the term Kegel? The exercise was coined by Dr. Henry Kegel. He discovered that exercise can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. A common function of these muscles is stopping and starting the […]

The Basics Terminology

Anal Toys Anal toys include dildos and butt plugs, beads, and vibrators. Butt plugs usually refer to a specific “plug” shaped toy but that shouldn’t limit your choice. You can use any size and shape of dildo that your anus will accommodate – just be sure it has a flared base for easy removal. We […]

How do I clean my Sex Toy

The Basics: Wash your toy before the first use and after each subsequent use. If you are sharing your toy, use a condom with it to protect yourself, and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted infections. Condoms  may also be used to cover your toy for easy clean up and to provide a barrier between you […]

How do I choose the best lubricant for me

Lubricant has come a long way from the lubricant that was used at your doctor’s office. There is so much choice and selection now, and it can be a bit overwhelming. The key factor to remember lubricant is here to enhance your sex life.   Types of Lubricants Water Silicone Hybrid Warming Flavoured   Water […]

How to choose a condom?

Choosing the right condom for you: Condoms differ in a number of ways. You may want to try several different brands like Okamoto Crown, Kimono or Lifestyles  to find the ones you’ll like best. Often a good sex shop will offer condom singles. Treat yourself to your own personalized baker’s dozen!  This is a fabulous […]

How Do Cock Rings Work?

Cock Rings: The Basics Try starting with a larger ring first. If this does not hold your erection then try the next smaller size. The ring shouldn’t be worn longer than 20 minutes. Remove by rolling it off or by pulling the tabs forward. The penis will become flaccid as the ring is removed. Do […]

Mastering Your Man From Head To Toe

Today’s sexually savvy woman thinks of her man as a luxury sports car. She has her license and she knows how to drive, but to get the full pulse-quickening, heart-pounding performance, she needs to master the intricacies of the engine. “Mastering your Man” fills in the information gaps and shows you how to work the […]

Penthouse Uncensored Double The Erotica In One Volume

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading letters to Penthouse, you will be excited by this double volume of Penthouse Uncensored. Exploring everything from exhibitionism and voyeurism to partner swapping, this best seller is over 500 pages of erotica in classic Penthouse style. By various authors, 502pp, 8″ x 5″

Penthouse Uncensored Volume II: Twice The Spice In One Volume

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading letters to Penthouse, you will be excited by this double volume of Penthouse Uncensored. Exploring everything from exhibitionism and voyeurism to partner swapping, this best seller is over 500 pages of erotica in classic Penthouse style. (Formerly published as letters to Penthouse V & VI) By various authors, 776pp, 5 […]

Calexotics Silver Bullet Spot

Learn more about a classic silver bullet! This discreet little bullet comes from CalExotics.  

Copy of Calexotics Butterfly Kiss Spot

Learn more about CalExotics Butterfly Kiss.

The Story of Lovecraft Toronto

Here’s the origin story of our little store.

Anal Toys Product Overview & Safety

Before you start exploring the world of anal toys be sure to take a moment to familiarize yourself on some safety tips.

Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual And Personal Growth Program For Women

“Becoming Orgasmic” will help you whether you’re married, separated, divorced, or widowed: under 30, over 60, or somewhere in between; the program presented within these pages will help you feel comfortable with yourself and your ideas about sex and enable you to grow as a person. “Becoming Orgasmic” will help you to evaluate your sexual […]

Blow Him Away: How To Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

Keep him begging for more…It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to performing oral sex, most people fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless. That is why you must have “Blow Him Away”. In “Blow Him Away” you’ll find practical, easy-to-master techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become […]

How To Be Kinky: A Beginner’s Guide To BDSM

This book is for singles and couples looking to take a walk on the wild side but who are questioning where to begin. How to be Kinky offers the perfect starting place. Instead of emphasizing techniques and clinical issues, it takes a more practical approach, with advice on finding a scene, negotiating kinky play with […]

Kama Sutra 52

Reach new levels of exotic and erotic bliss with a hot new position to try every week for 52 weeks! Each position, inspired by the ancient text of the Kama Sutra, maximizes pleasure and fun. Scintillating, full-color photographs illustrate all 52 positions and step-by-step instructions guide you through each move and pose. And with four […]

Lips Like Sugar: Women’s Erotic Fantasies

Lips Like Sugar dishes up a feast of unabashedly sexual scenarios. This exciting new collection of erotic fiction from Violet Blue celebrates women’s erotic imagination with expertly crafted stories of hot, hot sex. You’ll find women on top, bottom, and everyplace in between. Sure to keep you up past bedtime, the stories in Lips Like […]

Lust: Erotic Fantasies For Women

Who can live without lust? All day and night, our minds run through delicious possibilities ― a silky hand beckoning us into the VIP lounge; a stranger in the backseat; the hunky FedEx driver bringing his package to the door ― not to mention our own lascivious memories. Lust is a collection of erotica by […]

Party for One

We’re not sure if you know this, but we’re really keen on masturbation! We thought we’d provide you with some great options for you to, you know, better your experiences. And don’t worry – we’ve got some things for everyone coming up. Luckily having some you-time doesn’t really require much of anything – besides maybe […]

How do I give the best massage

A massage can release tension, a massage can help regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system. And when done right, an at-home massage has major fringe benefits for you and your partner.   Set the mood Light candles, play music – fragrance and music can really alter an environment. You can think of this […]

Couples Night In!

After we’ve come to the close of a great weekend, you know exactly what it’s time to do. It’s time to plan your next weekend! And since you’re planning anyway, why don’t you make it a long weekend?  Lucky for you, we’ve always got some new ideas up our sleeve for a great couples’ home […]

Canada 150

We’re sure you’ve probably noticed, but celebrations for Canada’s 150th year have been sweeping the nation. It also means this is Lovecraft’s 45th year of operation! Woohoo! We love reasons to celebrate, so for this blog and Canada’s sesquicentennial (say that one ten times fast), we’re showcasing some amazing Canadian brands offering you some of […]

Beginners Guide

Whether you’d like to give something new a try, tell a friend or lover about the awesome things you’ve been introduced to, or take things up a notch, we’ve got some options for you. First off, the ultimate standard: a vibrator. This is a go-to  self-pleasing option, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong. We […]

A Very (VERY) Brief History of the Women’s Sexual Revolution

As we’re sure we’ve mentioned, Lovecraft opened in Yorkville in 1972. What on earth was a sex store doing opening in 1972? We thought we’d give you a (very) brief history how sexual health and empowerment culture came to be – a history of the Sexual Revolution. After the Second World War, women were still […]

Overview of Strap-Ons

Here’s an overview of what the world of strap-ons is made up of.

Rabbit Habit and Why You Should Get It!

The rabbit habit is one of our best selling sex toys. We highly recommend picking it up!

Erectile Dysfunction and What Can Help

If you suffer erectile dysfunction, there’s a few things you can find at our sex shop to help!

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