Sexiest Stuff for Oral Sex

You know they like it, when you go down on them. Of course they do, it is very intimate, vulnerable, trusting, erotic and oh so pleasurable. Why not offer even more sensation with these specially selected products sure to give them the ultimate oral sex experience.

Trustex Flavoured Condoms

These simple and inexpensive condoms can add another fun and safe element to your sexy repertoire.  Any condom you use should have an expiry date and lot number on each condom packet. If they don’t just say no…definitely not worth it. Make the whole condom experience sexy. Put on a little show placing the condom on his penis, tease him, play with him and then suck him…take your time.

Intimate Earth Salted Caramel

Flavoured condoms not your thing? OK well how do you feel about organic salted caramel? I don’t know about you, but the mix of salty and sweet is just about perfect. Intimate Earth brings this delicious flavour to you in a flavoured lubricant. It is organic and very natural to taste. Try it, we know you’ll like it.

Kama Sutra Oil of Love

What to warm things up this winter? Well, try Kama Sutra Oil of Love. This has been a long time favourite of staff and customers. It is water soluble so safe to use with latex, flavoured and warms when you blow on it and when it comes to oral sex there might be a little blowing. Drizzle it on the skin, anywhere you want, then take your time licking it off, keep the foreplay going.

BSwish BCharmed

We wanted to think a little outside the box (pun intended), cause we know not everyone likes sweet or fruity flavours for oral sex. Some of us, really really enjoy sensation. Well okay, most of us enjoy sensation. BCharmed is just one example of many vibrating cock rings for your pleasure. Draw out the experience, make the whole darn thing fun, tease them with the vibration in different erogenous zones. Finally place on the penis, but hey this is about oral sex isn’t it, so use your lips, enjoy the vibrations spreading down his shaft. Suck, savour and tease and enjoy those vibrations.

Dame Fin

Dame Fin is a rather deluxe finger vibrator. There are others. We included this because we know you like to multi task, so while you are going down, they can be using this discreet sex toy on you. Then switch, you both will love the intensity that dual stimulation can bring and this might be just one of those scenarios where you might actually come at the same time.  Even if you don’t…wow, you’ll get an A for effort.

So they you go, a few example of how to switch up your oral sex experience. If you have tried these toys or others for oral sex we’d love you to leave a review. Let us know what you think.

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