Sexy Highlights of 2018

Well it is that time of year isn’t it…a time to reflect, to look forward, to assess, and to start those resolutions or as I prefer to call them intentions. This article is all about the highlights of 2018, the highs and lows in our world of sex toys.

There are algorithms (and people) that will follow and track anything, for us…sex search items is interesting. It is helpful because they help us to understand your sexy interests but also sometimes they are just funny. We found this article for funniest searches and they are rather funny and sometimes obscure. #9 Extra Quiet Clitoris does your clitoris make noise? When properly paid attention to…we might make noise… #6 Master Storyteller Sleeves I think auto correct was working hard to make sense of this search. And finally #2 Election Enhancers I think they meant erection enhancers and this is such an elegant way of looking for cock rings, don’t you think?

Another trend that we known about for awhile but the media is just catching up is female owned sex toy companies or sex shops. Some of the best sex toy shops are run by women, we seem to have different tastes, we know sex is a good thing, we’re not shy about it and it certainly isn’t a dirty or a shameful thing and some of the mainstream sites or sex shops are often reflected in that light. Thanks to innovators like Good Vibrations, Lovecraft, Good for Her, Come As You Are, Babeland and actually many more now…we can be proud of our role in this sex positive change. Sex toys designed by women are often non representational which is great for everyone. What we like is not often defined by our genders and we don’t all want to see traditional shapes and “flesh tones”. So some of these companies have really pushed the boundaries. There is of course always room for traditional toys, but sometimes it is nice to change it up. Sex toys in the past, well, there wasn’t a lot of thought to designing them. It was just kind of “how many shapes and let’s go bigger can we make a penis vibrator look like”? Not a lot of R & D, well thankfully that has changed for the better. Women designers and engineers have played a significant role in this trend.

Porn is becoming more and more mainstream. It is certainly more accessible and more sex positive. But let’s face it, when you have the President of the United States paying off porn stars, so it doesn’t get discussed when you are running for President…it’s gonna get more notice. Did you ever think you’d have to discuss porn and the meaning of porn to your family because it comes up in the news cycle, 20 times a day? But hey, think of it as an opportunity to openly and positively discuss sex education.

The #MeToo movement has had a profound impact. Even when provinces like Ontario are going backwards in terms of sex education…the movement has prompted discussions of consent and accountability. The concept that almost every women has experienced some sort of sexual harassment in her life time was truly news to some and old news to most women. But calling light to this very important topic is so important and will hopefully continue to raise awareness.

A disturbing trend is the censorship of frank discussion of sex and sex positive images in social media.  “Since about 2014, explains Jillian York of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, companies have been subtly tightening their user agreements and community standards, and enforcement of them, making it harder to post sexual content of any kind—even education and support content, and especially queer content—on their platforms.” When people are being respectful and celebrating diversity; it is disturbing that social media platforms are becoming the “propriety police.”

And to finish on a lighter note, there are always the crazy ER stories that we read about and truly do wonder if they are true…are they urban myths, sometimes we’re not sure but this one did intrigue us…apparently in Poland, a man was rushed to hospital because his penis was stuck inside a car’s ball bearings. Honestly we’re not sure what that is but we’re pretty sure unless you’ve time traveled back to the 50’s and you are necking in your car…cars as sex toys is just a NO GO! People, have we taught you nothing? There are plenty of wonderful sex toys for men; we promise you, there will provide much more pleasure and no emergency trips!

We’re looking forward to 2019 and it all its revelations.


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