Spicing up Vanilla Sex


Wait For It

Need to shake up your routine of vanilla sex? It’s easy to fall into a routine of quick intercourse, when life gets busy and you and your partner are too tired. However, if you take a little time to work on adding some spice to your sex it’s well worth it; and sex feels new and exciting again.  Spending more time on foreplay is the best way to add that excitement, and can lead to at least one orgasm you’ll never forget.  Try masturbating together with your partner, while kissing.  Have you tried massaging each other with massage oils, maybe even flavourful ones?  Massaging your partner naked from behind and then just placing light kisses can be very arousing.  Brush up against your partner, linger a little longer.

Try adding new sex toys for each other, but only what feels comfortable to you and your partner.  Try something you can both enjoy together like a dual sex toy. Spend more time kissing each other before having sex. Basically, holding off on intercourse until you and your partner can’t wait any longer feels new and exciting. Don’t be shy, discuss this with your partner, if you are feeling a little hum drum, they might be too.

Room With a View

Book a hotel for the night; just being away from the usual routine and your bedroom will add spice to your sex life.  It could be a dive hotel, boutique hotel or an anonymous hotel. Whatever your fancy, the point is to change your routines. Try role playing while at your rendezvous. Throw in some candlelight and slow music to dance to while removing each other’s clothes for extra pizzazz.

Try taking a shower together.  Put an ice cube in your mouth and rub it all over your partner cooling them down to heat things up.   There are a number of articles out there on how to spice up vanilla sex, and what they all emphasize is stretching out foreplay and adding new things to foreplay.  If you make a little effort you will reap the rewards.

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