Stretch Marks: How do we change our Narrative?

Stretch marks can impact your confidence. We’re not saying it is easy, but you can change your narrative, your story about you. One of the most difficult things is for us to feel comfortable in our own skin. We tend to be critical of ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never say to a friend. Would you tell your friend that her stretch marks are ugly? Nope, so why do we do it to ourselves?

Change your Narrative

If we change the narrative, we can re-frame how we think about stretch marks. You earned those marks. Your marks might have occurred at a young age and if so, they are simply apart of you, try to embrace you.  You may have them post pregnancy for example, well you really earned those marks! You’ve body nurtured a baby, so if the result is some stretch marks, you can think of them as a meaningful tattoo, try looking at them and thinking of your baby. Perhaps you’ve worked hard to loose some weight, gain strength and feel renewed. Fantastic, look at those marks and see your accomplishments.

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Work on Confidence

You’ve spent some time getting used to your stretch marks and feeling more confident, brava. Now push yourself and wear more body conscious clothing…start out simple, try wearing a tank top, go as far as your comfort level allows. And celebrate your decision and your body each and every time. Eventually you’ll be wearing that two piece to the beach. If you feel like someone is noting your stretch marks, simply smile and perhaps offer to tell them the story of how you earned those marks.

Use Massage Oil

If you feel any discomfort from stretch marks try massage and massage oil. Massage therapists can work with you during pregnancy to you to alleviate any pain or discomfort during pregnancy. Massage oil can help moisturize and keep supple any scar tissue. Vitamin E is excellent and very affordable for scar tissue.

Confidence is sexy, so wear those stretch marks with pride and confidence and you will rock your body, every inch of you. How do you feel about stretch marks? Let us know. Follow us on Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook. Check in weekly for a new blog post.  Request to join our Facebook Group.  If you are interested in more information or have more questions you can always Ask Pam. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for instructional videos.

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