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This month we are #supportinglocal and spotlighting some of our favourite Canadian brands!


We-Vibe, is an adult toy company in Ottawa, Ontario. We-Vibe is an industry specializing in toys for couples and toys controlled through apps. When the founders, Bruce and Melody Murison researched the types of toys out on the market, they learned that what was available was cheaply made, poorly designed and created with unsafe materials for the body.

In 2008, they debuted their first vibrator, one that customers can use while making love. This style of vibrator was practically unheard of when their first product debuted and was immediately popular among critics and couples alike.

We-Vibe has continued to revolutionize the industry with its popular vibrators and toys, and we have a number of their most popular items, including:

1 – We-Vibe Melt

An app can control this toy, meaning there are no buttons to fiddle with during your steamy session. It also is intended to fit perfectly between you and your partner during your lovemaking session!

2 – We-Vibe Ditto

This toy is a vibrating butt plug featuring both internal and external stimulation!

3 – We-Vibe Chorus

The Chorus has a unique remote – you power it by squeezing! As things get more intense, the remote’s simple design capitalizes on basic instincts; the harder you squeeze, the higher the intensity. This unique technology is immensely popular!


Sutil is a company specializing in lubricants based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Long-time supporters of organic farming, the two founders got their start formulating therapeutic lotions and creams for spas and massage therapists. They appreciate simple ingredient lists and natural botanicals that are good for the body and last longer in the bedroom.

One of our favourite products, their Luxe Lubricant, contains traditional ingredients known to be aphrodisiacs such as Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng Root, and Zizyphus Jujuba. This rich formulation is toy safe and thicker than their other formulations, perfect for anal play and for those who may experience painful intercourse.


Fuze is a brand based in Ontario and made in the US!

We love their sex positive and gender friendly messaging, as well as how their products are designed for a number of different styles of play.

Their suction cup dildos are amazing for solo sessions as well as for customizing a double-ender! Each partner can pick their favourite dildo, and the powerful suction holds up to all bedroom action.

We love their products for their versatility, and we adore their brand for its inclusivity!

Intimate Earth

Our last #supportlocal feature is Intimate Earth, an Ontario-based company run by women! Their mission is to provide organic, natural products that feature beautiful packaging for use in the bedroom.

They work with natural ingredients like peppermint oil, chamomile, cinnamon bark, and aloe, each selected for their abilities to enhance different types of play.

Here are some of our favourites:

1 – Intimate Earth Melt

This sizzling blend contains cinnamon bark and ginger to heat things up in the bedroom, as well as natural extracts meant to be gentle on the skin.

2 – Intimate Earth Hydra

Hydra is the perfect lube for anything and everything! Containing Aloe and West Indian Lemongrass, its botanical scent will get things going.

3 – Intimate Earth Ease

This lubricant is formulated especially for anal play. Chamomile extracts soothe, while the Bisabolol naturally relaxes the body and contains anti-microbial properties.

We have these blends and a wide selection of their most popular products on our website!

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