Top 10 Sexy Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Yes, we know, tis the season of gift giving and pulling out your hair! We’re here to make your life easier with some excellent sexy gift ideas for your significant other. Consider these gifts a private love note to each other. This is your opportunity to say I hear you, I see you and I love you. You are special in my life or hey do you want to get laid…whatever the reason or motivation, here are a few sexy stocking stuffer ideas sure to please.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Couples 

These suggestions are essentially activities for two people to play together. Rootham’s Chocolate Supreme Sauce with Cognac is chocolate heaven. Delicious over ice cream and anywhere else. Kind of innocent looking you could give this chocolate sauce under the tree with a nudge and a wink. Liquid chocolate sauce is a delicious way to indulge in creative foreplay, dip a strawberry in the chocolate, have a little champagne on hand and wow, what an amazing night in. Where oh where else could you drizzle that chocolate?

We hear you, you have busy stressful lives. It is difficult to find time alone, but we do encourage you to make time for each other, relationships take effort but you are worth it. Try relaxing together in Kama Sutra’s Luxury bathing gels. Available in 3 scents, Ocean Blu, Mint Tree and Wild Clove. Use them in the shower, bath or even shave with them. The scents are intoxicating; we know you will love them just like we do.

Wet Together are two lubricants sold together to enhance your love making experience. His warms and hers tickles. Take your time applying the lubricants to each other. Two exciting and stimulating sensations are joined together when you are joined together. Two becomes one stimulating experience for couples.

We probably couldn’t write a sexy stocking stuffer list and not include a now classic sex toy for couples like BCharmed Classic. Made with silicone, it is hypo-allergenic and stretchy. Silicone has no scent so it is perfect for close encounters! BCharmed is a vibrating cock ring. He wears the ring at the base of his penis, turn it on now he become a vibrating penis! When he is inside of you, then you enjoy the vibration and the intimacy!

Lastly Sex & Mischief Restraint Wrap lets you restrain one another. The tape sticks to itself, not you so you have only the sensations you desire, only the pain you allow. There is something very alluring about letting go and letting the other take charge.

So now you have something to think about and consider be sure to read part 2 for sex gifts for him and for her.


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