Top 5 Best Sexy Gifts for Him

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…do you know who is really embracing sex toys? We do…sex toys for men is one of our growing (pardon the pun) markets. Guys have discovered that sex toys for him are so much fun and truly they have come a very long way from blow up dolls and a pocket pussy. With that in mind, here our our top 5 recommendations for gift giving for him.

Screaming O Vibrating Penis Ring

OK so this one might be fun for both of you, Screaming O vibrating cock ring is fun and playful, great for foreplay. He feels the vibration all the time and you feel it when he’s inside of you. So wow what a win win!

Hot Octopuss Pulse

Well this guy has won awards for its innovation and design. Originally designed to be used either with or without an erection; it really is such a fun sex toy for him to play with himself. It’s discreet and not gender specific so anyone with any fantasy can truly enjoy this toy. It grips around his penis for pulsing vibration pleasure. It is rechargeable, so it’s always ready for action.

G I Jack Wall Mount

This masturbator for men is perfect for hands free pleasure. It has a suction base so he can use on any smooth surface. The sex toy itself is soft and sensual with a sucking kind of feeling.  It will feel very tight around his penis and he’ll just love it.

Njoy Pure Plug

This stainless steel anal plug is curved to put pressure on his prostate. And wow, if he hasn’t tried prostate play, you will be his hero for giving him this prostate toy. Stainless steel is considered a premium material for many reasons. It is excellent for temperature play, run it under warm or cool water for extra sensation, super easy to clean and honestly a life long toy; it is practically indestructible.

Rocks-Off Torex

Torex is a terrific beginner prostate play sex toy for him. Affordable to try something new, and he will really enjoy the vibration and the gentle pressure against his prostate. The sleeve is made from silicone which is hypo-allergenic and non porous, so very easy to clean. Also the vibrating bullet is fun to use all its own or together, Put anywhere that feels good and you’ll both love the experience.

With these gift suggestions your guy will feel oh so sexy satisfied all year long!


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