Top 5 Sexy Picks for Couples During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again…Hollywood award show season…well yes, but I was thinking of something I think we can all relate to…gift giving season. We are all so wrapped up (get it) in giving to others, we sometimes forget about the most important combination, each other. We have to give and make time for ourselves as a couple or we have nothing left to give others. In that light, here are our top 5 picks for couples to enjoy together.

Sportscuffs & Tethers Kit

Whether you are a pro and this is just one of many restraint kits you have or it’s your first…what this actually represents is that you two are willing to spend time together and not just for a quickie. To engage in bondage play requires time, discussion, maybe a little planning and an openness to explore your sexuality. This BDSM kit makes it really easy to explore. They are safe and comfortable to wear, yet very durable, perfect for the beginner or the more experienced.

New Comers Kit

This harness strap-on kit is perfect for pegging as it comes with a slender silicone dildo and an adjustable harness that will fit just about anyone. The dildo is silicone and well made. If you have any sensitivities, silicone is the way to go as it is hypo-allergenic. This strap-on kit is just right for anyone who prefers something a little on the smaller size and can be used by anyone.


This vibrating penis ring is an upgrade from an entry level disposable cock ring. It is made of silicone, feels great and is rechargeable. You will love it and you will be able to use it many many times. The ring constricts but sends vibrations up his shaft, so he experiences vibration against his testicles and penis shaft. His partner will feel the vibration when he is inside and not only with the vibrating cock ring but his shaft will offer subtle sensations. One of our customer’s most favourate couple’s sex toys.

We-Vibe Match

We-Vibe has built their business around creating sex toys for couple and Match is no exception. The C shape is perfect for “hugging” her. The lower is inserted and the upper vibrates against her clitoris. Now you can enjoy hands free vibrations.  Match can also be used for external pleasure. He can also “wear”it like a cock ring. We-Vibe Match really lets your creativity flow.

Kama Sutra Massage Oils

Perhaps the most perfect couples gift is really the gift of intimacy. A massage is the perfect way to connect. You can focus on a back massage or go for it…and try something even more intimate. A massage helps you to discover new erogenous zones. Listen to your partner and do express what you like, the pressure, the motion etc. If you’ve felt a little distant from your partner especially during the busy holiday season, a massage might just be the best way to reinvigorate your relationship.

Hopefully you will build in some intimate couple time over this oh so busy holiday season with these ideas, we know you’ve got a good start.

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