Top Picks for Pride Month

We love Pride. We love the idea of honouring, remembering and celebrating people. We also believe you are able to celebrate your desires in oh so many ways. Pride Month is a time to also have a little fun and we can help with our top picks for Pride Month.

GI Jack Penis Pump

A classic pump, easy to use excellent for improving erections, firming up your erections and just a whole lot of pleasure! GI Jack Penis Pump is designed with an ABS plastic cylinder and includes a TPE penis ring. Place ring at base of penis pump and when you are erect, roll ring off and on to your penis. Voila you’ll have a hard and firmer erection. You’ll last longer! It has a quick release valve for easy removal of pump. Wash after each use with sex toy cleaner or soap and water. Air dry.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

The Queen/Bee is a powerful clitoral vibrator which uses oscillation technology to deliver intensely powerful stimulation. It can also be used anyway that feels good to you, so your nipples, scrotum, tip of your penis…honestly there are no limitations for external pleasure! The patented PulsePlate technology uses a ‘piston’-type mechanism in order to generate extremely deep and rumbly oscillations. It is significantly more powerful and intense than standard vibrators. The Queen/Bee is versatile and offers 6 different vibration patterns for you to choose from. One side of the toy offers a gentle warm-up massage while the other features the powerful PulsePlate. The Queen/Bee features magnetic charging with a USB adaptor. 100% waterproof.

G I Jack Cock Ring

G I Jack Cock Ring can be used for maintaining erections, enhancing your erections. This discreet penis ring will make you feel firmer and help you last longer. This cock ring is stretchy and can be placed at the base of your penis or stretch further to include your penis and testicles for even more pleasure.

Dorr Iora

Iora is a dual action rabbit style vibrator for intensive pleasures. It features six different erotic intensity level and eight different pulsation settings to provide deep intense stimulation. Made of fully waterproof body-safe silicon ready for intense stimulation. Medical Silicone and Zinc Alloy,  8 modes /w With Duo Pleasure Remote, Micro USB Charging Cable with Power Adapter, dual action rabbit-style vibrator for clitoral and g-spot action, 8 vibration patterns and 6 vibration speeds, curved for g-spot stimulation, body-safe silicone, 100% waterproof, easy to clean, magnetic charging tip, whisper quiet, rechargeable and delivers up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge, USB charger

Sutil Love Potion #23

When you desire an erotic massage, look no further than Sutil Love Potions. Tantalize your senses with the luxury of exotic fragrance and the exquisite sensation of silky smooth skin. Sutil Love Potions contain ethically sourced essential oils from aromatic plants with aphrodisiac properties. With ingredients like ylang ylang, lime, pink grapefruit, frankincense, jasmin who wouldn’t want to give and receive a sensuous massage!

So there you have it, our top picks for Pride Month. We encourage you to try something different this month and why not every month?

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