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Physical Body

We all have a physical body.  It is the form that houses your flesh and bones, your organs, your blood and guts.  It holds the brain that processes your sensory input and your mind that makes sense of the data and allows you to interpret it into your perception of an experience.  We have an emotional body.  It is where our hopes and dreams have been shaped, where childhood joys or harms either intentional or innocent have made their indelible impression and created in us messages that we store as energy.  Some of our signals may have gotten quite crossed and the cords tying our emotional body to others that we share our energetic history and space with can end up heavy and tangled.

These together are what make up what we refer to as “me”.  If I picture “me” I have to be specific.  Do I mean me now or at 5 years old?  They are considerably different.  I don’t look the same, talk, walk or think the same as when I was 5 years old.  I have learned new skills and I have lost some of the skills I had as a child.

Emotional Body

Neither of these:  our physical or our emotional body is really us though.  Both are only temporary, very small elements of what makes us.  The real us, the essence of us isn’t something we can picture.  We have a spiritual body too.  This is the true you.  The one that was there when in utero, and at 5 and at 50 and at 85.  If you are asked to picture yourself, as we said, you can, but you choose an image.  The spiritual body isn’t in the same league.  It is there through ALL those times and it doesn’t change.  It started out as pure energetic love and it remains pure energetic love.  It is your aliveness.  Your life-force.  Your spirit.  Your soul.  Your whatever you choose to call it.

image courtesy of The Wellness Universe

The real us is beyond the physical and emotional constraints that we have on our form and our time in it.  It transcends the definitions and images that we can pin on it.  It just is. There.  Once we are aware of it we can access it.  It isn’t a secret and it isn’t just for the gurus or yogi’s or mystics.  It is for me and for you and it is there and waiting for us to remember where to find it.

Spiritual Body

When you do your inner work, when you go inside and begin to detach from the physical and emotional ties that bind you it is the love that you will find.  There is no need to fear the work.  It can be painful to dig in and to dig up and out some of the old, unnecessary beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy self-sabotage but the love is worth it.

This love is the love that we are created to live within and to share with our self and others.  Only with the discovery of this love can we truly embrace all of the other gifts life has to offer.  Once we have discovered this love we are able to enjoy the physical and emotional body with all its fullness, its creativity, its sensuality and freedom.

What better gift this Valentines’ Day than the gift of self-love? What are you waiting for?



Certified Inner Workout Life coach, International Coaching Federation member

Fiona is passionate about helping people connect to their inner love and beauty.  She uses energy, inner soul work and a simple yet effective structured practice to allow people to align with their highest purpose to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.  She graduated as a registered nurse many years ago, raised a family, worked in the corporate and training world, has been married and divorced, blended a family and now lives happily with her partner in Toronto.  She uses her experience along with her expertise to enrich her coaching practice. She is looking forward to sharing your journey. Contact Fiona by Email or Visit Fiona’s Website



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