Ways to Give Her Pleasure

In this busy world where we are constantly distracted by devices, obligation, work…oh just life in general….we do have to stop every once in awhile and take time for each other. Devoting yourself to her pleasure will confirm that you are into her.  Her needs and desires are important and every once in a while…yes, she is number one.

Your sex life is an area where you can really take an opportunity to focus on her pleasure. Sometimes there is the perception that foreplay is just in the way to the “real deal”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Foreplay, done right, is good for both of you. Asking thoughtful questions can be incorporated into foreplay. People do like to be the centre of attention; ask what she likes.

Whether this is a new relationship and you’ve been together 20 years…it is never too late to ask questions and check in. If this is not your norm, it is OK, don’t be discouraged if she is surprised, keep persisting. People respond to sincerity, if it feels real, than they will respect that and respond to you. This doesn’t have to be a survey, just some well timed questions in the moment or if you are planning something a little bigger ask ahead, build anticipation.

Pay attention to her entire body, massage her, use sensuous oils. Don’t just zero in on her clitoris. Direct clitoral stimulation can actually feel painful, if the pressure is too firm. Try caressing the clitoris hood or labia. Lead up to the genitals by paying attention to the rest of her body. Establish eye contact when applicable. Kiss her, long lingering kisses like when you first went out, not a peck but something deeper.

Change your routines. We all have them and they are probably great, but don’t you get a little bored with the same old stuff? And this just isn’t for special occasions sex, like a birthday or Valentine’s. Be creative, always have sex in the bedroom, well how long has it been since you’ve made out with an amazing view in your car. Remember we’re thinking foreplay, so have those long lingering kisses somewhere other than the bedroom, eventually bring it home. Take your time. Slow things down and remember you don’t have to try every new idea all at once, just every once in awhile…leave her desiring more. Anticipation is a darn fine thing.

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