When you have a long weekend and you can’t go anywhere!

I know, I keep saying these are unprecedented times but they are and it can’t be said enough. We’re doing our very tiny part and encouraging you to stay home for this long weekend. So what to do what to do? Well, in Canada, the May 24 weekend is traditionally the beginning of our home garden planting season, so  there’s that… But we do have some other fun suggestions to help you stay home and physically distance…May is also Masturbation Month.

Read or Maybe Write Erotica

If you have time and we do have time, consider writing some erotica to your partner or for yourself. Send a sexy text or two to a willing participant. Go long form and write an erotic letter describe what you will do when you see one another again. Be detailed oriented. Write it for yourself, don’t censure yourself, we do have a tendency to be a little self conscious when it comes to explaining what we want when it comes to sex, so this is your chance be as explicit as you dare.

Boudoir Photography

Sure you can go to a photographer but not right now, so why not set up your camera and strike a pose. You have time, so work on the lighting, pick out some sexy clothes. Or no clothes! Be free and adventurous…these photos are just for you or perhaps for another…if you don’t want to show your face, no problem, just angle the camera. Remember we look our best in daylight or candle light, don’t go too bright!

Make Your Own Porn

We all have phones, so it is pretty easy…if you want to get really into it…you can use a tri-pod for filming. There are a ton of apps for editing, if you want to get detailed. Remember practice discretion, don’t hit send and hello, all my contacts, so you have to be smart about it…but you have three days, so you have time to perfect and learn along the way.

Make a Sex Toy

Yep you can do that. Our customers asked for it and we got it for them. You can be a porn star by molding your penis to your exact proportions and it even vibrates. A life size vibrator can be created from any real penis. Mold yourself for your partner. A ton of our customers like to do this when they travel or perhaps a long weekend. You will achieve amazing detail. So be a star and try the mold. Clone a Willy is the original mold your penis kit. If you really like it…you can even get refills!

Try a New Sex Toy

If you are here reading this, you may already have a sex toy or two in your dresser drawer, but there is really no reason, not to try something new and perhaps a little more advanced. There are so many to choose from but here are a couple of suggestions:

For Him: NJoy Pure Plug, designed to be fun for hot bedroom prostate play. The Pure Plug has a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a small stem for good retention and long-term comfort. The silky-smooth, weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness to remind you of just how sensitive you really are ‘back there’. New to prostate massage, try starting with the smallest sex toy and when you feel you are ready move on up. Stainless is non porous and so easy to clean. You can also fool around with temperature play by running hot or cold water onto your toy. Prostate orgasms can take some time, so when better to practice than a stay at home long weekend.

For Her: Lelo Sona Cruise, a powerful clitoral massager that uses sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris. Specially developed by Lelo and exclusive to Sona Cruise, Cruise Control is a feature that reserves 20% of SONA Cruise’s full power during normal use, so that when it’s pressed hard against the body and the motor begins to drop power, that extra 20% is unleashed so that there’s no reduction of intensity. It’s not a setting, it’s completely automatic.

For Them: We-Vibe Tango makes a big impact for a sex toy that so discreet. This simple yet powerful sex toy can be used by anyone. Place it anywhere that feels good. It is petite, powerful and pocket-sized. It has a discreet design which could be mistaken for a lipstick. Tango is designed for precise external stimulation. The tapered tip delivers intense vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. The Tango is rechargeable, body-safe and 100% waterproof. It has 8 vibration modes to choose from. It is a perfect toy on its own or to add vibrations to your favourite pleasure product.

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