Why You Should Use Sex Toys

Quite simply, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing really, you might say meh, not for me or you might just say WOW let’s try this again! There seems to be a taboo around sex toys, that in spite of really becoming more mainstream…sex toys can’t quite lose some stigma.

Sex Toys Enhance Your Pleasure

If you use a sex toy to enhance your pleasure or add some excitement to your love life, good for you. If you don’t that’s OK. The world will not fall apart either way. But what it can do is help you understand to a more intimate degree what you like, what you want to explore. Many women will generally come through clitoral stimulation. When she does come through penetration…that’s a bonus for many. So why not incorporate a little clitoral sex toy for women into your sex play. It can be small and non-intrusive, just a nice little addition for your pleasure.

Getting direct clitoral stimulation likely will help you come a little faster. Sometimes time is of the essence. You have a lot to do! But…let’s not forget that self care and yes this include sexual pleasure for yourself. Make a little time to enjoy your orgasms. You deserve an orgasm! We know you’re busy, but consider using a clitoral sex toy to help you get there relatively quickly.

If you want to indulge in more time for yourself and we think you will once you try sex toys…try a dual sex toy, designed to give you pleasure through penetration and direct clitoral stimulation. This toy might have a few more bells and whistles. We encourage to take your time with it, get to know it, romance it and yourself. You are worth it. Use a toy that requires a little learning curve when you are at your best. If you stay up late at night double tapping Instagram images…we can think of a better way to amuse yourself. Try a sex toy!

Sex Toys for Men

Guys, you too can benefit and enjoy the pleasures of masturbation with a sex toy designed just for you. Sex toys for men have come a long way! There are masturbation sleeves that are very simple and easy to use. Or you can try out a higher tech sex toy for men with remote controls and special pulsations. You can also blow your mind with a sex toy especially designed for men like a prostate stimulator. You’ve probably heard of the G Spot for women…well…you have one toy and we call it the P Spot for men. Turns out you have many sensitive nerve endings in your prostate that helps you enjoy a deep and wonderful orgasm.

Are you intrigued? We hope so…we only get one life, so get out there, enjoy it, pleasure yourself, learn a little more about you to help you become an even better lover to your partner and to yourself.

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